Learn Something New Every Day

When you don’t grow, you die. When you don’t learn, you forget. It is that simple. Therefore each day you don’t learn something new, is a wasted day. You will not get him back and it has served you no purpose. It is nearly as if it was never there in the first place. You should always keep the attitude of moving forward in life. You should always strive to become better each day. Whenever you go to bed and have a feeling like you accomplished nothing today, this day is gone. You should always be able to tell yourself what you learned this very day. Something of value, something new, anything. If you can’t count at least one good thing you learned today, this day is per definition wasted.

This does not mean that you ALWAYS have to study or work hard until you can call your day useful. It is much more than that. When you work, work. When you relax, relax. Don’t mix them together, but also don’t use your relax time for an excuse to become lazy. When you spend time with your family, don’t think about work, since it dishonors the time you have with them. When you are at work, don’t bring your personal issues with you, since they do not belong there. When you spend some time with your family or kids and you truly give them your FULLEST attention, you automatically learn something new. You learn something from their world. Something that they are interested in, and therefore the time is not wasted anymore. If you take a day off from work or business and spend it with someone you care about, make the decision to REALLY spend the time with that somebody. Enjoy the company and learn something about them. Listen to them carefully and discover what the person cares about. When you truly listen and give them your fullest attention they will always open up to you and let you see something they value most and what you can learn from.

Make it a promise to yourself to always improve yourself and in the evening name at least one good thing you learned today. It can be anything work-related or something personal, but it should be something of value. For example something work-related: “Today I really did everything I could to find a solution for Chris’ problem. I worked hard and in the end I found a good workaround. I learned that when I keep moving forward, I will always find a way!” Or another example: “Today I really had a good and deep conversion with my son. He told me about this video game he is playing all the time and I found out that he is REALLY good at it. He showed me all the stuff he earned and it was really impressive. I think we really had a connection today!”. As a result, you summarize the best of the day in your mind and repeat it before going to bed. It will manifest in your subconscious mind and will influence you in the long run positively.

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  • Malou

    Learning do not stop when we graduated from college. Learning is not
    contained in the four corners of a classroom. Learning in not just what
    we read in a book. Because learning is everywhere. We just have to have
    that Hunger for knowledge, thirst for learning something new everyday,
    and aiming to be productive everyday! A very Nice post. If there are
    people thinking about a good new years resolution, better read this

  • Thomas Mondel

    Well said Malou! Thank you!