How To Ask Better Questions

I make a blind guess here, but whenever you are unhappy with your life, you tend to focus your thoughts on the wrong elements of your current life situation. You focus your mind on the stuff that goes terribly wrong, you compare yourself to other more successful people and you no longer see the good parts of your OWN life, you no longer see your uniqueness. You ask yourself the wrong questions. We tend to take all the nice and beautiful things that are happening in our life for granted and do not value them enough anymore. We always want more and that graving creates this huge gap between what you currently have and what you want. Your negative emotions and your bad focus will disable your ability to see the good parts and all the nice opportunities and possibilities that open up in front of you, you will only see excuses on why this will not work for you.

When you ask yourself questions like: “Why does this always happen to me?”, “Why do I have such a terrible life?”, “Why can’t I lose that weight?” or “Why can’t I find somebody who loves me?” you sub-consciously command your brain to come up with a suitable answer. You asked for an answer and your brain (the perfect tool that it is) will provide it to you. It will try its best to come up with the best suitable answer. “Because you suck!”, “Because you are fat!”, “Because you are lazy!”. These are the answers that pop up in your head and your “reality” gets reinforced.

Do not fall for this trap and break out of it. Ask better questions to improve your life situation and become happier!

Ask questions like: “What can I do that stuff like this will NEVER happen to me ever again? What can I learn from it?”, “How can I improve my life situation, so that I would be really happy with it?”, “What do I have to do to lose that weight now?”, or “How can I be a more loving person? What person do I have to become to attract the kind of people I would love to surround myself with?”. With these types of questions you also ask your brain for an answer, but this time it has to put in some real clever work to come up with something that fits the question. It has to look for real solutions here. It has to become creative and helpful and when you let it brainstorm for some time, it will definitely come up with solutions for any problem you might have. This is how you can transform your life and get a new perspective. I would also recommend you to fill your mind with stuff from Anthony Robbins, since he is an absolute mastermind when it comes to reconditioning your mind and habits (if you are into reading powerful “mind-food”, definitely check out his books Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power, they will train you all the necessary tools to control your emotional state and have also more control about your life)!


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