It feels like I am alone in a world of billions of people. I feel disconnected. Isolated. How is that even possible?! It’s like you live in a dull world where nobody really cares about anyone anymore. Everyone is living a dream. Not even realising they are asleep.


That’s what I wish I could yell in everyone’s face every day when I see these seemingly dead people walking around in their numbness state of mind. The zombie apocalypse is real.

We are the prisoners to our own minds. And even worse — we created the prison ourselves. With our own stupid thoughts. It’s funny how powerful the mind can be. It can even stop a human being from reaching his full potential. A thought can destroy a complete life. Or more. What a powerful thing it is — this thought.

“I am a complete mess!”

“I am a loser!”

“I can’t do this!”

“I suck!”

And suddenly this is your new reality. You are a god indeed! You created a universe where this is completely true. And you are its only inhabitant (no wonder you feel alone all the time). 

So human’s do have superpowers. They create new realities all the time. But nobody realises that. Because people are stupid. And asleep.


Everyday I dream of a world where people would finally open their eyes. And escape this blurry universe they created in their heads. But they won’t. Which saddens me even more. Everyday I fall into a slightly deeper depression because I want them to see the “light”. I want them to know that there is hope. That there is more to life than what they experience in this dark moment. They are not soaking it in. The freedom. The love. And I can’t help them to see it. Whatever I do, it doesn’t work. It’s not enough.

But luckily the human spirit is not stupid. Not like these humans minds. The spirit is smart. It knows that something is off.

Although the mind overrules it. Because “I think and therefore I am”, right? And who doesn’t want to be. So we think. Excessively. And because we think nonstop, we forget to be. Or to live.


I wish I would have the ability to snap people out of their bad dreams.

“Hey! WAKE UP! Look. The clouds are gone. It’s all good.”

But I can’t do it. I cannot connect to them. I can’t reach them. The clouds are too thick. It’s all too dark. It needs a storm to blow these clouds away.

And a storm these people get. Life becomes desperate and goes crazy on them. Life gets hard. And they even are so stupid and think it suddenly turned against them. Although it just tries to help them all along. But they are too stupid to see.

“You can’t teach ignorant people. They have to learn the hard way.“

Life tries to shake them out of their nightmares. Because it was them who decided to ignore the silent whisper for the past years. And the shouting. Life tried to warn them endless times before it got “rough” on them. But they are still asleep. Life panics. It somehow has to get them up and going. “You are heading in the wrong direction buddy!” It pinches them. Nothing. It slaps them right in their face. Still. Gone. They are not here. Drifting away even further.

Life WANTS them to wake up. But they — for whatever reason — rather stay in their nightmare. 

Because they are afraid to let go of what they know. And rather stay in the hell on earth they created for themselves. Because that’s what they know at least.

Just open your eyes.


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