Take This Test To Measure The Size Of Your Thinking

I just stumbled upon a little test from the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. Go and see for yourself how “big” your thinking is and if your thoughts are actually supporting you in achieve this big thinks you are set out to reach.

In the left column below are listed several common situations. In the middle and right column are comparisons of how petty thinkers and big thinkers see the same situation. Check for yourself. Then decide, which will get me where I want to go? Petty thinking or big thinking?

The same situation handled in two entirely different ways. The choice is yours.


The Petty Thinker’s Approach

The Big Thinker’s Approach

Expense Accounts
Figures out ways to increase income through chiseling on expense accounts. Figures out ways to increase income by selling more merchandise.
Conversation Talks about negative qualities of his friends, the economy, his company, the competition. Talks about the positive qualities of his friends, his company, the competition.
Progress Believes in retrenchment or at best the status quo. Believes in expansion.
Future Views the future as limited. Sees the future as very promising.
Work Looks for ways to avoid work. Looks for more ways and things to do, especially helping others.
Competition Competes with the average. Competes with the best.
Budget Problems Figures out ways to save money by cutting down on necessary items. Figures out ways to increase income and buy more of the necessary items.
Goals Sets goals low. Sets goals high.
Vision Sees only the short-run. Is preoccupied with the long-run.
Security Is preoccupied with security problems. Regards security as a natural companion of success.
Companionship Surrounds himself with petty thinkers. Surrounds himself with persons with large, progressive ideas.
Mistakes Magnifies minor errors. Turns them into big issues. Ignores errors of little consequences.

So which category did you find yourself most in?

Did you find some habits of petty thinkers? Maybe it is time to change your thinking to a bigger scale?

Here is just a little reminder for you:

  1. Don’t sell yourself short – Conquer the crime of self-deprecation. Concentrate on your assets. You are better than you think you are!
  2. Use the big thinker’s vocabulary – Use big, bright, cheerful words. Use words that promise victory, hope, happiness, pleasure; avoid words that create unpleasant images of failure, defeat or grief, They will only drag you down! What you need is an uplifting immersion into a positive outlook!
  3. Stretch your vision – See what can be, not just what is. Practice adding value to things, to people and to yourself (especially to yourself). Open your eyes to opportunities and see how you can make things around you better. When you see potential, why not change them for the better?
  4. Get the big view of your job – Think, really think your present job is important. That next promotion depends mostly on how you think towards your PRESENT job. When you cannot do your current job in a perfect manner, how should you handle your promotion where more responsibilities and challenges await?
  5. Think above trivial things – Focus your attention on big objectives. Before getting involved in a petty matter, ask yourself: “Is it really important?”. You have to spend your time on the most important things forst and don’t waste them on tiny matters.

Grow big by thinking big!

PS: If you really want to take your thinking to the next level and learn how thinking big dreams is actually the only way how to actually realize them and make them happen in your own life, definitely consider checking out David J. Schwartz’s book The Magic of Thinking Big. It gave me so much value and I am confident that if you haven’t read it already that there is something in it for you out there too! Do not cut yourself short any longer and dream big. What do you think is better? Setting out for a small goal and reaching it or setting out for the greatest and most fulfilling goal you could dream of and achieving it? The bigger the goal the bigger the rewards. From tiny and petty goals come tiny and petty rewards and a tiny and petty life. Is this all you want?

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  • George

    Proud to be a big thinker! Widen our mind to a more productive thoughts. Exercising the way we think will form a habit that will surely lead to success!

  • Thomas Mondel

    Happy to hear that! And thanks for stopping by!:)