Success Is Like The Carrot On The Stick

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama

Whenever we set out to achieve something, we tend to set big goals for ourselves. We work our ass off to get ahead in life and let momentum work in our favour. We push through obstacles and external limitations and when we finally reach “success” it is not what we expect it to be.

When you believe that success in any area in your life will make you happy, you are wrong.

Whatever you have achieved, however big the goal may have been, you will not feel the satisfaction you think it will provide you. If you believe that money, success, a relationship to a loved one or anything else will make you happy, you will instead come to realize that you might feel quite empty once you have reached these goals you set out for.

Success can never make you happy. Instead you have to become happy to become successful. You have to reverse the formula for a happy life.

All the years when we grow up we get bombarded with external stimulations and the opinions of others. You learn that you have to go to a good school and learn, so that you will be able to study at a good university, so that you can finally after years of education get a well-paid job, so that you can work the rest of your given years for somebody following his ideas not yours.

(But at least you have enough time in your retirement to enjoy the good things in life, assuming your body is still in good enough shape then)

Instead of focusing your thoughts on the future and on how it might make you happy, come to realize that you can be happy in this very moment. When you are complaining about your current life situation you are basically wasting your time here.

I really believe that when people complain a lot, they have not yet really appreciated the gift that was given them with their life. They are basically wasting their given time with toxic thoughts and words. And not only do they poison their own life, they also influence the people around them.

Don’t be such a toxic person.

Try to be the exception to the rule instead!

Be the person who always tries to find the upside.

Be the person other people enjoy being around.

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  • Denise

    I really like this article. I Posted it on my facebok wall. I know there will be many who will agree and will like this reverse formula of happiness. Remember, we only live once!