Positive Feedback Is Just A Disturbing Distraction

I really believe that when you set out to achieve something great you have to get immune to feedback in any shape or form. The more you do your own thing and work on your own business and passion, the less important other opinions have to become to you. Do not listen to feedback!

feedback is a distraction

Why should it even be important to you any longer? You are following your own judgement and reasoning, and every other opinion is rather distracting than helpful. I know that this might sound weird, but it is true for me.

When you do creative work and you listen to a lot of external people you lose your focus and your intuition. It just scatters you and your thoughts and it hurts you more in the end than this critical feedback might help you.

You can easily become addicted to positive feedback, and subconsciously you surround yourself with yes-man (people who will always agree with you and your opinions) and you lose your own intuition and judgement. You become less critical when everybody gives you great feedback and you might also become addicted to it. When there will be no good feedback anymore you might miss it and it can cause you pain.

The same goes with negative feedback. When you listen to much to critical feedback, you might adapt yourself too much to other people’s wants and needs. You lose your vision for yourself and you might also become very scattered and insecure. You no longer know what to focus on and you get pulled around between the different opinions of others. You no longer know which path to follow, only because you take the external feedback to your actions way too serious.

You have to be serious about life, but not take life too serious. You can take the feedback you receive for your actions as a general guideline, but you should always be the last one in command. You should dictate the direction and be the leader that decides for himself.

Don’t let the opinion of others cloud your judgement!

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