My Mind and Heart Are Playing on Different Teams

My mind loves to tell me that I suck.

It tells me that I am running out of ideas of what I could possibly write about. And even if I squeeze out yet another blog post, it’s probably awful anyways, and nobody will read it.

Sometimes it feels like my mind is playing on a different team. Like my mind is not serving me (how it’s supposed to be), but serving itself.

And what is good for me might not be OK for my mind and it therefore stops and prevents it right from the start.

So whenever I open up my little Macbook and try to follow my passion for writing, this “my mind comes up with excuses and reasons why I suck”-thing becomes a huge burden.


  • I WANT to write and share something great and offer valuable content to my readers.
  • I WANT to follow my idea of a meaningful life and bring the same meaning to the lives of others.
  • I WANT to work on my dreams and my idea of true freedom.

Still, my mind is in control.

My mind is running the show.

  • It’s my mind that rationalizes that whatever I type is not good enough and makes me delete it in an instant again.
  • It’s my mind that makes me believe that there won’t be anything great coming from my efforts anytime soon and I am wasting my time here.
  • It’s my mind that convinces me that it’s better (and more logical) to stop right now and conserve energy.

Stupid mind.

So although I know exactly what I want to do. Although I listen to what my heart tries to tell me. It still becomes nearly impossible to follow through because my mind comes up with all that nonsense excuses why my heart is completely and utterly wrong.

And since the mind is shouting out its ideas much louder and more dominantly it comes across as this self-confident asshole douche. And my heart retreats and shuts up.

But whenever I manage to quiet my mind and I follow my heart’s ideas instead, the following things happen:

  • I choose to make decisions based on growth over fear. And I’ll always find myself in a better place in the long run.
  • I think about how I can be of service to others, other than making plans on how I can use others to serve me and my own needs. Which rarely works out great for anyone.
  • I choose abundance over scarcity and realize that there is enough for everyone and there is no need to be over-protective about the little things that I accumulated in my life.
  • I realize that sharing good emotions multiplies them in the end, leaving me with more than I started out with. Because Emotional math follows different rules.

Yes, it’s more challenging to pull it off.

But that’s the team I’d like to play on.

Every day.

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  • Anna

    Great article,
    motivating to give it a try for the next week. Let us read more of your thoughts.
    Greets Anna

  • Thomas Mondel

    Thanks Anna=)