Meditation Is A Waste Of Time

Whenever you feel like doing some kind of mediation is useless and you don’t see the sense in it, you probably haven’t been doing meditation for some time (or haven’t been doing it at all).

After a productive work day it is normal to not see the sense in doing nothing for about 20 minutes. It just doesn’t feel like achieving something. And sitting on a chair doesn’t feel like giving you a lot of relaxation either.

But this is not true. What meditation does is actually focusing everything you have on yourself. It is basically some really good quality time with yourself. So give yourself this little present each day. As a bonus you get lots of benefits in return.

Your mind will calm down and you will feel a huge release of stress. Your problems seem to evaporate and nothing seems to bug you anymore. You will feel a sense of power and control over everything that happens in your life.

Daily mediation will deepen your intuition because it connects you with your true self and your purpose. It aligns yourself with what you REALLY want in life, so if you have struggles with not knowing what to get out of life, your lack of mediation is possible the reason why.

It puts your focus on the present moment and therefore all your problems will disappear. When you are truly focused on the present moment drama can not exist. It is always when we focus our thoughts on the future or on the past, that our “drama” in life will present itself in front of us. But there are no problems in the current moment. It is perfect.

Try to think about what problems you have in this very moment! Not in 5 minutes or tomorrow, but really in this very moment.

The answer is always none, because the current moment is in itself free of any burden or issues. It is the hectic environment of your daily life that pulls us away from the NOW and therefore drama seems to appear. But we can control it and draw ourselves back, meditation can help you achieving this. This is what meditation gives you. A retreat to the present moment. Some place where you can recharge and get new energy for everything life throws at you.

Meditate daily and it will train you to live your life in the present moment and sooner or later you will find yourself never drifting off again.

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