Material Possessions and Other Superficial Crap

I’m going to die. And then everything I worked so hard for is gone.

And although nothing we could possibly buy or possess has ANY real value in our life, we all care about these bullshit things all the time.

We want to accumulate MORE in order to feel less like LESS. And we forget the fact that more of meaningless things (which we don’t even want or care about) can never satisfy this endless search for more or fill the emptiness within ourselves.

We try to please others before we begin to please ourselves. We care more about how others perceive us than we care about ourselves. We deny our own dreams just to follow the footsteps of someone else. Because we bought into the lie that eventually if we do what everyone else does, we will find our own bliss and joy. We will find our own happiness. Everything will be fine. At some point. Not now. But in the future. Maybe?

(But what about now?)

Deep down we know we have to “love people and use things” and yet all our actions reflect the exact opposite. We love things and we use people to get more of them. We get obsessed with having the bigger car, the bigger house, more money, the better job.

Again… superficial crap.

And with this obsession comes the greatest downside there is: the fear of losing it all again at some point in the future.

So we become tense, overprotective and anxious. And we try to protect the little sandcastle we built with such ferocity, as if our life depends on it. And we then make ourselves believe that it really does.

We build great walls around it (both emotionally and physically) so nobody could walk over us and destroy our life’s work again (or at least the illusion of it).

We protect it with all we have because it’s the one thing we have and invested so many hours of hard work and a lot of painful sacrifices into. All because somebody told us, that these are the sacrifices we have to make in order to live the “good life”.

We try so hard to hold on to all that nonsense, and we forget the fact that it didn’t even belong to us in the first place. And yet, this false ownership, the idea that we believe we are entitled to own all that crap, is what tears us apart internally. We begin to believe that it’s OURS. I mean, we spend all the time and energy to build it? So OF COURSE, it’s ours now.

And when you begin to think you have something to lose, you will always hold on to the little things you have and become a tense and anxious little fuck.

The solution lies in letting go.

We forget that life could take it away from you again at any given moment. It could rob you of all the materialistic possessions you possess (which it eventually does, because that’s just what life loves to do). And yet, would YOU be any less than you were before?

(That sentence alone sounds too crazy and absurd to even consider it to be the truth. It just makes no sense…)

Because “richness” in today’s definition is defined by how much you have (compared to someone else). And the whole world runs on these simple definitions and rules:

  • If I have something very little people have, I am better than the majority of people and therefore worth more.
  • If I have talents only few people possess, I am more gifted than these less talented people and therefore worth more.
  • If I can afford expensive things only a few people can afford, I am richer and therefore worth more.

These are the beliefs (and also the shackles) of today’s society.

The answer lies in letting go:

  • Letting go of the idea that you are LESS just because of external definitions that were exposed onto you and yet have nothing to do with yourself.
  • Letting go of the concept of having more or less than anyone else around you.
  • Letting go of the thought that you need things to feel good enough.
  • Letting go of the attempt to fill the emptiness within you with external validation. Like a like on Facebook, or a share of this blog post?
  • Let it go…
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