Let Go Of Your Story To Allow Yourself To Write A New One

Sometimes we get a little bit too attached to what we believe we are! Being able to let go is key, if you set out for some drastic change in your life. I found that the most successful people in the world are the ones that are also the most flexible. Although they have a clear vision for themselves and for their life goals, they are not focused on only one solution to reach them. They have in fact unlimited possibilities to make them come true and you have these options too.

There is never only one way to achieve something. Multiple paths will always lead to your desired outcome. You only have to find them. Just keep trying different approaches until you reach your goal and live your dreams. The only problem is that the most people out there are either giving up too early and not trying enough different approaches or they are limiting themselves too much on “one way how it has to work out”. They lack flexibility.

What you have to cultivate for yourself is this flexibility. Be like water when it comes to achieving your goals and change your life to the better.

I believe that it is when people do not let go of their “old” self, it is when they seem to be stuck in life. Change cannot occur when you hold tight on your former self-image and identity.

It is the people who are willing to (at any moment of their life) let go of everything they perceive to be! Think about this and read it again.

The important part here is the “(at any moment of their life)”. It means that whatever you did for the last 5 years, whatever you perceive to be “you”, you have to let go of it, when you want to become somebody new and shift your life into a better direction.

Change cannot occur when you hold tight on your old identity.

It might be frightening and terrifying, but it is always worth the risk.

(Photo: Flickr)

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