How It Really Feels to Start Anew

There are three steps within every “transformation” which you have to go through first before you can reinvent yourself and (maybe) switch up things a bit in your life. 


It starts with an end. Most of the times a painful one. People think the reinvention starts with a start. But it actually begins with the end.

Good things end for no apparent reason, it seems.

People might also tell you that after every end there comes a new start right after. When a door closes another opens, they say. But that’s wrong as well.

After the end, you first have to navigate yourself through the…


Because every end brings a lot of uncertainty and chaos with it.

Everything just happened too fast and most of the times you didn’t manage to prepare in advance. Now you are in a situation you are not able to deal with yet. And you are overwhelmed.

So now you have to grow and step up and learn how to handle the chaos. You have to become like the eye of the storm. You have to find your center and peace within the mess that is whirling around you.

“The devil whispered you cannot withstand the storm…”

And because there may be no end of this uncertainty in sight anywhere soon, you have to surrender yourself to some higher power.  Or whatever you else believe in. Anything that gives you the strengths to keep walking through the fog.

Because although you can’t even see where the next step leads you, eventually at some point the fog clears and you’ll end where you tried to go in the first place…


Finally you’ll be able to connect the dots… looking backwards. 

Now you’ll get it why everything that happened had to happen in order. For you to become the person you are right now.

Now the sky clears.

“…and the warrior responded: I am the storm.”

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