Happiness Triforce: Three Things for A Fulfilled Life

On January 14th, 2015 I wrote myself a letter and sent it into the future. A couple of days ago FutureMe.org (I love this service…) delivered me my letter from the past.

The stuff I wrote helped me to remind myself about the things I truly care about. And it might serve as a reminder for you as well.

Here is what it said:

Dear Thomas,

I love you.

Never forget to love yourself. As stupid as this may sound. You are such an awesome person and you should always remember that you are worth of being loved (especially by yourself).

I don’t know where you are right now, because it is not decided yet, but I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones. By the people close to you and by the people you care about. There is nothing more important than keeping the friends and family you love close to you. Tell the people who mean the world to you how much you love them.

Do it right now.

Friends and family are one crucial part of being happy in life. The other ones are health and freedomIt’s called the happiness triforce. At least I call it like that right now. Copyright.

I hope you didn’t forget about keeping these three aspects of life in balance. As long as you honour the three parts of the triforce you will be fine. You cannot be happy when something robs you of your freedom and your ability to make good choices. Also, you cannot be happy when your body (and mind) is not healthy and working properly.

But the most important and last part of the triforce (and you tend to neglect this one more than often) is the fact that you need people around yourself. You need the right people. Friends who inspire you and who you love. Reconnect with your oldest friends again.

Remember: good friends are good, but old friends are better.

That’s why I hope you sticked to not drinking alcohol this year. It’s not good for your mind and you already know that. You just sometimes love to evade reality and dive into a more distant place making the endless thoughts stop – I can understand. Yet, it is not where your strength lies. You are not meant to cloud your mind with toxic. You are meant to conquer your thoughts instead. This is where you draw your power from. By rising above instead of going below consciousness. This is so key.

(Read this last part again…)

Still, if you find yourself struggling right now and “all hell is breaking loose” remember yourself of these three aspects in life and how – deep inside – you already know you need them to be in balance. Being happy is actually easy – and you already know that as well. We (you and I) just love to make it harder for ourselves than it has to be from time to time.

Let’s start this year super easy instead and work our way closer and closer towards our ideal vision of a happy life. You know the necessary steps, you just sometimes have to remember yourself to trust in yourself and in the progress of learning to do so.

Never forget that although you might tell yourself, that “you didn’t quite make it yet” you are still miles ahead of everybody around you. You are a champ and as far as I know you (and I actually do), you are working your ass off to make your wildest dreams come true.

Maybe some of them already did and you were too much in a hurry to see? Look back for a moment and reflect on the passed year. I am pretty sure you achieved way more than you are willing to admit to yourself. You did awesome stuff, my friend. Just acknowledge your success a little bit more. You deserve to give yourself a break from your “vicious drive” and celebrate your accomplishments now. You accomplished a lot, I know (and you know it too).

I can understand that all this might be confusing and annoying for you from time to time. But you know – as much as I do – that you are working towards an awesome future. You just have to keep your vision in mind. The main reason you are doing what you are doing. I know we got lost multiple times along the way, but always remember why all the struggle is worth the pain.

But enough of this deep talk. I hope you had an amazing year and you did everything you dreamed of doing. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. All you have to do is go and get it. You are living in a world full of possibilities and you just simply forget from time to time that all you have to do is to go and grab them.

But remember.

Even if you ended up in a totally different place, everything is still perfectly fine. It’s OK the way it is. Don’t worry. There is a greater power guiding you and it does what is necessary for you to end up where you are meant to end up. Just have faith and keep going whatever the obstacles and circumstances. Everything is OK.

You are an amazing person full of joy and good will. You are meant for something great but you cannot beat yourself down. Remember how you promised to never raise your own hand against yourself ever again? Hold deer to this promise because it is so crucial for your well-being.

I love you.

See you next year!

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