Fear, Abundance and My Inability to Connect the Dots

I believe that every human problem is caused by fear and thoughts based on a scarcity mindset.

I found that abundance and fear cannot co-exist. Too often we are afraid. We are fearful most of the times. And we rob ourselves from the chance of experiencing an abundant and joyful life.

In 2014 alone I was scared shitless multiple times. And I could not break out of it most of the times, making my life situation look more dramatic than it had to be.

What is it we are afraid of? Why do we have this intense urge to make things harder for ourselves and visualise every single possible bad outcome into our future robbing us from the pleasure and joy we could experience in the meantime?

Could it be that fear is a crucial part of the human race? Is it somehow integrated into our DNA? It would make sense to some degree.

Thinking about all the possible threats which may kill you and how you can avoid this to happen might be a good thing to do back when our survival depended on it. It could be one of the reasons we are fearful so often. Well, I don’t know and actually I don’t care. Because no matter the reason we have to find a way to handle it anyways.

I think our mind is lagging behind though. We are still very young in evolutionary terms. The human race – as we now know it – existed for just a very short-term on this planet. And society and the conditions we live in today as we know them took up also a very tiny fraction of the human evolution.

Our brain is not yet used too this new circumstances. It still tries to make you survive and therefore “helps” you to stay alert and picture all the “bad animals” which may kill you at night.

Could it be that we are therefore losing sleep when we have some serious problems nagging us? Maybe our brain tries to help us to stay alert and present. Ready to fight or flee, but always on the edge.

But what our brain doesn’t understand obviously, is that there are no real threats in this world anymore. Sure we could get hit by an earthquake or by a tsunami, but other than some serious natural forces, there is nothing which could actually harm you.

We live in a pretty safe place.

Again, there might be some exceptions, but in general – and especially compared to the circumstances some of our ancestors had to live in (thinking about the dark ages) – we have a very convenient and secure lifestyle.

Yet, our brain didn’t get that at all. It just lags behind. Evolution takes time.

  • Our brain thinks we might get killed by the dread of a possible job loss.
  • It thinks we might get killed by not living up to other people’s expectations.
  • It thinks we might get killed by the chance of our spouse leaving us or cheating on us.
  • It thinks we might get killed by the fact of not making enough money.
  • It thinks we might get killed by the fear of never finding our true purpose or contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

And this fear of “getting killed” is what freaks us out.
What keeps us stuck in the scarcity mindset.
What prevents us from living in abundance.

You have not yet learned that you can live in abundance and happily get rid of all your fears. They don’t serve you any purpose anymore. It’s a relic which might have served you once, but now doesn’t.

It’s useless now.

Get rid of it.

But it is hard. It is hard to let go and “let yourself fall”.

I guess it comes back trust yourself. Trust in you being able to handle every challenge life oftentimes so randomly likes to throw at you. A deep-seated trust in yourself and in the journey you are on.

Wherever it may take you life will serve you and teach you invaluable life lessons. It’s important to be where you are right now. Wherever you are, you have to be there right now.

You don’t have to resist it and be all butt-hurt about not having “made it” already. Just embrace the fact that wherever you are is good enough.

You can always raise and move somewhere else. But never neglect the lessons and experiences you can collect right now. You will never know when and how they might serve you later.

You will surprised how everything falls into place later. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a week, but months and years from now everything will make sense. Just look back at your life right now and see how everything somehow ended up being perfectly fine.

A lot of things might have been confusing and irritating back then, but make sense now. It’s like you cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking backwards.

Looking forward – into your future – might oftentimes confuse you and everything might look dark and blurry. But when you trust in yourself and also in the progress and the journey you are on, you soon will be able to look back and proudly appreciate the path you took.

You will look at all the crossroads you found yourself in front of – stuck and confused – and value the fact that you somehow always made the right choices.

You will appreciate the fact that these decisions – in the end – lead you to the exact place you had to end up.

Somehow you knew it all along.

You look back at your life, smiling.

(Photo: Flickr)

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  • Dresel

    “But what our brain doesn’t understand obviously, is that there are no real threats in this world anymore.” – says someone born in a first world country ;)