18 Awesome Benefits Of Blogging

Here is a list of all the benefits it had on my life so far. It can have very beneficial effects on your personal development, growth as a person and also can give you some inner peace.

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Ok let’s dive into it.

1. Blogging Improves Your Writing Skills

This is probably the most obvious one. Blogging will make you a better writer. And this is a crucial skill in getting ahead in life. There will always be times where you have to communicate your ideas and concepts in written form. The more you work on this skill the easier it will become for you to articulate your thoughts to the people who are important to you or your business. The better you communicate your ideas, the easier it is for other to follow you on your visions and dreams. And sooner or later they might also want to be part of it (think networking).

2. You Learn To Focus On The Important Things

There is so much going on in life that it is impossible for you to process everything. You cannot write about everything you are experiencing and you also shouldn’t. Writing a blog can help you to rid yourself from the distractions in your life and put your focus on the things you care about the most. You learn how to appreciate what is most important and how to share this experience with others in a meaningful and fun way.

3. You Experience More Clarity

Writing down your thoughts can be very rewarding. Not only do you provide value to others, you also “empty” your brain by doing so. By putting your thoughts down to paper and blogging about your experiences, your mind frees up space, re-live them and also learn to see the current situation from other angles. You will get a new perspective onto your current life situation and might see things differently now. This allows you to concentrate on the bigger picture and reconnects you to your inner purpose, because you are no longer distracted by the noise and the mental voice in your head.

4. Blogging Can Cure Depression

OK, OK, this might be a little bit off the wall, but bare with me: writing down your thoughts and exposing them to other people to see can really help you when you are struggling in whatever form with depression. I believe that depression is the result of “depressed” emotions. You are holding back on your full potenial, or your own valuable opinion. Stop doing that and share your thoughts with others. There are people out there who want to get to know you! =) Let your blog be your outlet and choose expression instead of depression.

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5. You Create An Impressive Online Presence

Let’s be real here: everybody can write a great job proposal and even a lot of people have a perfect education and wrote a neat resume.  But it means nothing in the real world because – in the end – people do not hire CVs and resumes, people hire people. And it’s obvious that they want the people with the right qualities.

What do you think blogging does communicate to other people?

  • Creating your own blog and exposing yourself to the world.
  • Creating a daily blogging habit.
  • Self-educate yourself in all the different areas that are necessary to do so.
  • Again and again create impressive content for your audience.
  • Providing value to thousands of people.
  • Constantly trying to improve yourself and working day in day out on your passion.

What do you think others will now think about you after you pull that off?

Do you believe that this might be more useful than a neat-looking and well-formated resume? =)

6. You Push Your Comfort Zone

Blogging pushes you out of your comfort zone. Putting out your own thoughts for others to see, read and criticise might be unusual for you and therefore a burden (at first). But outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens and sometimes you just have to push yourself a little further. The first-hand experience of breaking through your comfort zone and therefore expanding it, will make you realise that you grow with the new challenges and become a stronger version of yourself. I can’t emphasise how important this skill can be in your life.

7. Writing A Blog Forces You To Learn New Skills

Life is a constant journey, there is no destination (you never heard that before, I know, I know). Yet, you have to realise that you will always be learning something new. The sooner you get into the habit of learning new skills and working on your current ones, the sooner you will find yourself going with the flow of life and your life turning into your favour. You learn to no longer resist the process, because what you resist, will persist.

8. You Become More Solutions-Oriented.

Starting something new like writing a blog is always connected to some new problems and challenges arising. But just by putting yourself in that very situation you learn how to come up with solutions for these “problems”. You learn how to find the necessary information to keep you going for just a tiny bit more. You get the next piece of the puzzle. You learn how to solve problems, learn how to educate yourself without any background knowledge. You learn where to get the information and use it properly.

You will become a solution-oriented and creative person. (Cool, don’t you think? I guess this might come in handy anytime soon).

9. Blogging Learn What Real Commitment Looks Like

There is a difference between saying you are able to passionately commit to something fully or just doing it. When you want to create your own blog you are not doing this for respect or the approval of others. You are just doing it for the sake of doing it. This is what real commitment feels like: You are expecting nothing and giving everything.

10. You Are Cultivating The Skill Of Persistence.

Persistence is key in everything you do. Whether you try to start a new business, get a new job, try to improve your relationship to loved ones or just want to life a more fulfilled and happier life. Life itself teaches you to learn the art of living with persistence. There will always be setbacks and obstacles on your path, and only with persistence you can overcome them. The question remains: will you push through them?

11. Blogging Teaches You To Put The Focus On Others Instead Of Yourself.

Nobody is interested in somebody who sucks the energy out of you. I called these people emotional leeches. Everybody knows such toxic people and nobody wants to be around them. The same “kinda” goes with blogging. Only when you understand that you have to put the attention onto others to enrich your own life, people will get drawn towards you. People are smart, and they will always be able to tell the difference between you trying to “use” them in your own advantage or if you are really setting out to help others with the knowledge you gained out of your life experience.

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12. You Learn To Provide True Value

Providing value is like one of the most important understandings in business. Nobody out there will just give you money, attention, fame, or respect. Everything has to be earned. Famous celebrities are that highly paid, because of the value they provide to others. They increased their own value by providing more value to others. For example: actors like Robert Downey Jr. crafted a brand around their name (by hours and hours of hard work and ambition, passion and learning), so that the customers, viewers, producers, etc. are simply know what they are getting: pure value.

13. You Deepen Your Empathy

In order to give value to other people you have to know what they actually want. And to do so, you have to listen and empathise with them. You have to put yourself into their shoes (a very important social skill) and understand how they feel in that very situation. Only by doing so you can reach them and they will feel understood.

14. Blogging Increase Your Self-Respect

You come to realise that you in fact have a lot to give due to your life experience being unique to others. Whatever you say has value to others just because it is coming from YOU. There is nobody out there who has made the same experiences like you did. There is nobody else out there who had the exact same challenges and handicaps. Your story is unique and there are people out there who are eager to hear it. Don’t hold back.

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15. You Become More Confident

Whenever you put yourself out there and provide your unique insights to other people, you will soon realise that you indeed can make a difference. Other people will share your opinion or feel inspired by your perspective. You will meet people with similar interested and create some new connections. There will be a lot of (unexpected) opportunities coming up for you, once you put yourself out there!

16. You Realise That You Can Learn Everything

You learn so much just by putting yourself out their and blog about stuff you are interested in. You cultivate a mindset of life-long learning, because you have to make yourself familiar with so much different and new stuff (hosting, writing, reading, web design, templates, HTML, PHP, SEO, CSS, social networking, media, marketing, etc). The sooner you get into a state where you actually ENJOY learning new stuff and tackle new challenges, the sooner you will see “success” coming into your life.

17. Blogging Enhances Your Communication Skills

Putting something down in the most effective way teaches you specific thought patterns. The whole writing, editing, re-writing, updating and reworking of your posts and articles teaches you (subconsciously) what is important and what is not.You begin to see what “clicks” with others and what is not. This skill is crucial because it also influences your day-to-day communication when talking to someone in person.

18. You Might Inspire Others

This might be the most rewarding skill of all mentioned points here. I believe that you have to go first for others to follow. You have to become a leader. You have to walk the path nobody else has been trying to walk before by aligning your life with your inner purpose. By doing something not so “normal” you act as a role model to others.

You never know who might follow you once you decided to step up in your own life. =)

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