Thomas Mondel

My Life Sucks, But That’s OK

Amazon rejected my new book. They also disabled my account for the next 12 months because I somehow pissed them off. I called the book "Life Sucks, But That's OK!" And they didn't like the title as much as I did. Still, the title communicates something everybody can relate to. Well, at least we can relate to [...] Read More

How to Make It Big

Here is my quick guide on how to make it big in 2017 - without all the little vagueness I love so much. A no-bullshit approach to become successful if you will. 1. Spread your focus. Some people argue that you have to find your niche first and then super-focus [...] Read More

Nobody Will Fix Your Life for You

man lying on the street everyone is ignoring him fix your life

So of course we looking for outside help. We are hoping for that one stranger who is randomly passing by and comes to our rescue. We are eagerly waiting for that special outside event that magically turns our life around. We are begging for someone else to fix our life for us. And by [...] Read More

How It Really Feels to Start Anew

There are three steps within every "transformation" which you have to go through first before you can reinvent yourself and (maybe) switch up things a bit in your life.  END It starts with an end. Most of the times a painful one. People think the reinvention starts with a start. But [...] Read More

The Creative Process

The creative process... This is going to be awesome! I look at the blank page. But... where do I start? I freak out. FUCK! I switch to Youtube. Watch a funny video of Jennifer Lawrence. I love that girl. I go back to the blank page. I freak out one more [...] Read More

Raising A Loser

Am I a loser? I am curious because the world loves to make me feel that way. They tell you that... You are either not making enough money or you are too fixated on materialistic things anyways. You are too lazy or working too hard. You are not living as healthy [...] Read More

People Hate You When You Change

red pencil standing out of a lot of blue pencils sharp

People will hate you.  And then you feel uncomfortable, stuck and like a failure. "What did I do wrong?" "Why do they hate me?" Here is what happens: 1. First, they'll hate you because you want to change. At some point you begin to step up. You decided to move away [...] Read More

Pushing People to Give Up

woman depressed giving up give up no hope

"KEEP GOING AND NEVER GIVE UP!" That's what they love to tell you. But this advice sucks and it's impractical too. Because oftentimes giving up is the ONLY right choice. There are times where it's all about leaving this mess you created behind. Learning from your losses. And then applying this newly gained knowledge to your next [...] Read More

3 Questions That Shape Your Life

Whenever I had to make a decision in my life I asked myself (consciously or unconsciously) the following three questions. Ultimately they made me end up where I am right now (however good or bad that may be): 1. What do I focus on? A lot of bullshit happens in our daily life, we [...] Read More

5 Important Steps of Habit Formation

man half naked standing on his hands greyscale black white

Changing your habits is fucking easy! You just stop doing the shit you no longer want to do. And then start doing the things you do want to do. Easy. At least in theory. But in reality it's hard. Because sometimes we don't feel like doing it. Maybe we even [...] Read More

I Steal From Everyone

steal like an artist copy cheat white text on black background

When I was first starting out with my blog, I sucked big times.  Everyday I worked on improving my English, writing, grammar, website design, social media marketing and all the other stuff that is required to run it. All the stuff I had no idea of. But hey at least [...] Read More

How to Use Common Knowledge to Live The Good Life

It's common knowledge that if you work hard, you'll get ahead. It's common knowledge that if you have a great education you'll get a well-paid job. It's common knowledge that if you play it safe, you won't lose anything. Very much "common" but very little "knowledge". Oftentimes the common knowledge has nothing [...] Read More

How to Reset Your Life

I need to reinvent myself... fast. When you look yourself in the mirror and no longer like what you see, you are in BIG TROUBLE. If you feel disgusted by it it's even worse. It felt like I was lying to myself. Like I ignored my deepest values. And betrayed the very one person [...] Read More