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The One Thing I Wish I Knew in My 20’s

The One Thing I Wish I Knew in My 20's

It was the shortest date I ever had. I invited a girl over to my apartment, but already 10 minutes in, I weirded her out. I told her that, to me nothing really matters. But I said it in some cocky look at how cool I am kind of way. I tried to come across super laid-back, when in reality, all I wanted was to make her like me. And that's why I fucked up.

That’s Not Good Enough

That's Not Good Enough

"I'll be a millionaire by the age of 35! I'll proof them all wrong!" But why? Who? And what for? I am obsessed with this financial goal. In my head it's the solution to all my problems. Like an idiot, I am willing to sacrifice my now, in hopes for something that I assume will fix my future. But who tells me that the future will save me? Because most of the times it won't. Not only do I give all...