Your Perception of the World Is Wrong

Whatever you perceive to be correct might not be the same for others. Everybody sees the world through his own eyes, which is good, but also the main cause why a lot of struggle happens in the world.

You have to remind yourself that the old saying “the map is not the territory” applies here too.

Your life perception is just one of many possible perceptions. It is just one view of it. It does not mean that it is wrong, but you have to keep in mind that there might be other angles too to look at that situation. People might interpret the same “drama” differently, people deal with situations differently, but the main reason for that is – in my opinion – that people judge the situation depending on their own view and therefore maybe totally different as the next person.

“The map is not the territory”.

You can have to most precise map of a country, it will never be the land itself, it will always be just an abstraction.

The same is true for life itself. You can have all the knowledge of the world and accumulate all the facts that there are, but yet your perception or interpretation of any situation is just ONE of many. This is also the reason why I recommend not to project your opinion on others.

Use this for your advantage instead. See how other people handle challenges similar to your’s. See how they react in that situation and compare it with how you handle it. If you find that they handled it better than you did, ask yourself why that might be?

I was lately working on a project and I had tasks assigned to me, which I really didn’t like to do at all. I tried to avoid them as much as possible, but yet I had to do them at some point. I guess a lot of people can relate to that.

I had put a lot of resistance towards actually doing it, made a lot of unnecessary excuses why it is REALLY a bad job and therefore also the final process of doing it was pretty much annoying and more energy-consuming than it would have had to be (if I would have put more acceptance towards it everything would have worked out better).

My partner on that project had similar tasks assigned but yet he seemed to love the work. I got angry and confused and tried to find out what the difference was and asked him how this job can bring him so much joy. He told me that he just knows this is something that has to be done.

He explained that he tries to focus on what he can learn for his future career from this job.

Not only what this task can provide him (or the joy it can bring him), but furthermore, what accomplishing this task will make him become, how he will feel after successfully putting him through all the effort and struggle.

And also he said it is much easier to do it with joy than do it with resentment and resistance (he basically told me everything I knew deep down for myself, but was unable to apply in that specific situation).

The problem is that people (me included) are sometimes looking for something else to make us happy and bring us joy.

We want to have a better job, but we do nothing about actually making the current job better. It is most of the time not WHAT we do that makes us happy, furthermore it is the HOW that brings us the happiness and joy.

The truth is nothing external in life can make you happy. It is always you who has to generate the joy you want to experience in your life. From within.

And then there is an outwards flow of energy. You can actually make people around you happy too.

It’s weird how this works.

Whenever you depend your emotional state on something external you are set out to feel a lot of pain, because external factors change quite often.

You are the only constant.

Link your emotional state to something you CAN control, which is ultimately only yourself.

And then share what you discover with the world around you.

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