5 Reasons You Should Treat Your Passion Like A Job

I found that there are certain things you have to do to become professional and make your passion work out for you. This goes for any area of your life, and I assume you already know and do most of the steps needed! The trick is to apply the principles that apply for your 9/5 job also to the area of your life you are passionate about and you are good to go! Your passionate hobby is like a job and just like with a job you have to obey to some “rules”.

1. You Have To Show Up Every Day

Like with your job you don’t question this principle. You have to put in some time, and you have to do it every day. Only when you work on it regularly you make progress. And further more: it will become automatic and you generate a habit. You cannot just skip one day and say to your boss “Ah, I don’t want to come today!”. It is a no-go. But with your hobbies and passions you have to become your own boss. You have to take responsibility for you to show up. You have to do the same you do with your job here and “show up” every day to the stuff you want to be successful with. This is key. And it’s obvious too. What would happen if you treat your private projects with the same urgency as your day job?

2. You Have To Do It No Matter What

Like with your job you cannot make excuses and just don’t do it. There is stuff that needs to get done and you are here to do it. You don’t question it. You are a professional. You know your daily tasks and you handle them. The same would go for your hobby or passion or the stuff that drives you in private. You already know the next step. Now you just have to commit to doing it. If your boss asks you to do something for him, you do it because you have signed a contract to do so. With your passions, again, you are your own boss, and often this boss is quite gently with his employees, there is too little pressure and the employees abuse this soft behaviour. Don’t be such a lousy boss. Get your employees to do the job you need them to do!

3. You Stay At Your Workplace The Whole Day

You cannot just leave after lunch. You know it and you stick with it. You know that your today’s work is not done yet. You have to have the same attitude when it comes to your success. Commit your time to it. Invest your time into your own success and do not quit just in between. You cannot do this with your job and you cannot do this with your passion. You have to plow through it, even if it might be “uncomfortable” or “annoying”. But you do not leave before your shift is over.

4. You Are Committed To Your Passion For The Long Run

You are doing your job not just for today, but for the next years. You might be in a different or better job next year, but you will still be working. There is nothing like a goal or a destination to reach, you work to work. And the same goes for your passions. You know that it takes time to create something. Success does not come over night (although society likes to make you think it does). So you’d better enjoy the ride!

5. You Know Why You Do It

You do your job to earn a living. This is some basic shit. The stakes are high and you are in for it to feed you and your family! You know why you do it and therefore you do not stop. There is no turning back. Not working is not an option because else you would just starve (drastically spoken but yet quite true). Use this drive also for your passions! What if not following the things you love is not an option anymore? Find your reason behind your actions, find your why!

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