Your Life Situation Is Not Permanent

Your life situation is not your life. Your current life situation is just a temporary phase in your life. Although it might not be the shiniest RIGHT NOW, it still is possible to change it.

I believe that we only get depressed and worried about the future when we force ourselves into believing that whatever our life is like right now, it might be this way for the rest of our life. And when we realize that the current situation might not be totally like we wish it to be, and we believe that it is permanent, that is when depression and sadness comes into your life. Most of the time we just don’t know how to break out of it. We see no options and no alternatives and that might be the reason why we falsely think that whatever unwanted scenario we find ourselves in, is permanent and will never change. But this is not true.

You can always change. The problem with a lot of people though is, that they want rapid and instant change. They want to flip it around and at best it should happen right now. They want some magic formula that guarantees them instant gratification and success. But this is not how life works. When we find ourselves motivated to turn our life around, at first we might be super enthusiastic and take some initial action. But sooner or later we might watch ourselves and still see no results. Our belief in the possible (positive) outcome of our actions gets destroyed and we might stop the action that is required to change. It is because we stop too early that we see no (visible) changes yet.

Your life situation is a lagging indicator of the quality of your actions as I wrote once, but the problem is that we might stop too early so that we will never see the benefits of our actions. The longer you went in a “wrong” direction the more you have to go the different direction again to see the benefits, or else you will judge the direction you are heading in your life as just a little less “wrong”.

Additionally to that there is also a HUGE amount of momentum involved. It is like an upward and downward spiral is pulling you either up or down. The more you – for example – put bad food into your body, the more it becomes visible on the outside. You will get fat and sports will get more exhausting. You might get frustrated because you do not feel beautiful anymore and you might put more junk food or candy into your body. It is a vicious circle that drags you down and I admit it is very hard to break out of it.

But the same goes for the other way too. The more you adapt a healthy lifestyle, work your ass off, believe in yourself and encourage yourself, the more your self-trust and self-esteem will increase. This will result in you EVEN MORE belief in yourself, because you KNOW you have already done it before. You see the benefits of your healthy diet and you will never want to throw it away anymore.

The momentum now works in your favour, it drags you along and everything becomes easy. Similar like a plane which uses a lot of energy to lift of, it requires very little energy to cruise in the air. It is just floating. It still has to burn some fuel to keep going but the flight itself is very easy and comfortable.

The same goes with your actions in your life. Use the momentum in your favour. And if you find yourself in a downward spiral and the momentum seems to drag you down, use this little trick: Track every little achievement! Only when you measure ALL your accomplishments (even the smallest) you will have a chance to escape the momentum that pulls you down. It will focus your thoughts on the change itself and not on your current life situation. As long as you focus on the little changes you make to improve your life situation, it is only a matter of time until the momentum that at first has pulled you down, will now lift you up and help you cruise towards your wildest dreams.

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