You Are No Superhero

We are all cut from the same cloth. No one has any super powers (yet).

We all have to obey the same rules and principles. But some of us do follow through on that more than others, and that is where the difference in the people’s results shows up!

We tend to look at people, see their success and life and compare ourself with them. In comparison we seem small and useless. You just have to look at some famous actor like Leonardo DiCaprio (one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood) and you will always seem small.

But what the most of the people do not see is that every somebody was once a nobody and people become something by creating themselves.

People can change!

Leonardo DiCaprio was not born as the best-paid actor. He was a young little guy not different than any other young boy. But he set something in motion. He started being in front of the camera while only being 14 years old and was not breaking through in the business until 10 years later. That is 10 years of (hidden from the public) hard work!

Like I wrote in my last article: 10 years of effortless pursuit is a pretty long time and it is what is necessary to become good at something.

You get praised in public for what you do in private! Just focus on getting better just a TINY bit each day, and progress is inevitable!

“If you go to a tree with an ax and take five whacks at the tree every day, it doesn’t matter if it’s an oak or a redwood; eventually the tree has to fall down.”Jack Canfield

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  • Cool, thank you for sharing, Ian! I really appreciate the fact that you still like my posts after all the months! Means a lot to me! =)

  • Hi Thomas, this was a really good post. Also, wow, never knew DiCaprio was the best paid Hollywood actor. I am starting to realise that (and yes I know its true, but isn’t truth what you in your heart believe?) I am the only one that can change my life! Thanks for your words of wisdom :). Peace!

  • I am glad you liked it! Yes, according to the guardian magazine he made it to the No 1 spot with Inception and Shutter Island right before Jonny Depp and Adam Sandler in 2011, so you are right, he might not be currently the best-paid actor. Here it states that now it is Robert Downey Jr. Ah, should have used that for an Ironman reference on that post! =)

  • Haha I think that Robert and Leonardo are both very good actors and I can see why they would be at the top of the proverbial food chain. The Ironman reference would have been great too though :D.