Without A Good Reason There Is No Action

Whenever you tell yourself that you should do this or you should do that, you will never push yourself to actually doing it unless there is a certain need to do so. It says that humans are this “always-striving-for-perfection” and ever-growing race that always wants to improve and keep moving forward, but to be honest, we are pretty dumb in that regards.

It is very easy for us to fall back to a state where we need only the least amount of energy. Everybody says they want to grow and reach this big goals and live this big dreams but in the end, most of us just put the minimum amount of energy into their actions so that they just get by. Its natural. From the evolution’s perspective it makes total sense to save energy. As long as you get your genes to the next generation, you are good to go (very drastically spoken). Everybody wants more, but isn’t life quite OK just like it is right now? Why expose yourself to all that struggle, if you are doing well right now too? Shouldn’t I be just happy with what I got right now? These are thoughts that will keep you where you are right now in your life. They will hinder you to go beyond your current lifestyle.

But yet there are people who suddenly stand out, and after periods of non-action and living a passive lifestyle they finally decide to go for more. They find themselves against a wall and KNOW that there is no other way anymore. This is when they are really going for it. And because they want it so BAD they always reach their goals. They just don’t stop anymore, because they are fed up with their limited lifestyle and options. They have found their “why”, they do know their reasons behind their actions, and it motivates them to keep moving forward.

Isn’t it time to finally step up in life and go to the next level?

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