Deciding Against The Safer Option Is The Safer Option

Sometimes you have to take a leap of trust, you have to go a path you have never walked and which’s final destination might be unsure. You know you have to walk it and go on with your journey.

You have to leave your known territory behind to make room for new stuff, something better. There are times in your life where you have to decide against the good to make room for the great!

When you really want the best out of life, this is something you have to get used to. There is no sense in staying with something that is quite OK, when you want to pull EXTRAORDINARY into your life.

Get in the habit of saying no to the “good” and yes to the “great”. A lot of people have problems with that because they either do not know what exactly they want out of life and therefore just go with what is being thrown towards them or because they are too afraid to let go of something they would judge as quite good. They tell themselves that “although it might not be perfect, it is still kinda OK! I should be happy! Well, maybe I should appreciate what I have more and keep my feet on the ground!” But I will now tell you that this is the first-class ticket to mediocrity. It leads nowhere else but to being an average person with an average life. There might be some spikes here and there, but all in all it is just as boring and quite the same as everybody else’s life. Do not settle for less than the best!

Let go of “OK” and “good” and welcome the “GREAT!” in your life.

The Safer Route Is No Longer The Safer Option

Nowadays, you have to be bold and brave to really be safe. Only when you take risks you can keep staying on top of things in your life. This is how nature works. Whatever you do not improve will get weaker. Just as your muscles grow only stronger (and also stay strong) as long as you train them frequently, they lose density and strength if you stop.

This is also the reason why some successful businesses might also start to fail after a huge success series. They just try to not lose this initial success and stop innovating (talking risks) and therefore they lose their hard-earned success again. They do not realize that only by talking the risky route and deciding for the risky options they actually managed to get the success in the first place. You have to always put yourself or your business on the line to stay on top of things. Whenever you let yourself cruise for too long, and stop to challenge yourself with new and exciting challenges you will fall behind.

Think about that, whenever you rest yourself upon your “success”, there will be somebody who keeps pushing forward, somebody who wants it a little bit more than you do. And sooner or later – if you are not careful – he might become the new number one.



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