Whatever You Have To Say Has Huge Value

There is no reason why you and the stuff you have to say is not good enough. Whatever you say has value, simply by the fact that you say it. This is the attitude you should keep in mind for yourself.

You are unique and whatever story or opinion you can tell other people is solely influenced by YOUR years of experience and YOUR life.

There is NOBODY on this earth who has experienced the same as you have, met the same people as you had, did the same things you did. You are unique and therefore not replaceable. Your stories and your opinion therefore are unique as well and everybody interested in meeting and talking to you is therefore interested in you and your story.

It has enormous value to other people because they can only experience some parts of your life experience through you sharing it.

Therefore you should not hold back. Let others know what you think! Share your thoughts and let others know why you believe in them.

Express yourself to the fullest!

Talk with integrity and everything you say has HUGE value to everybody around you!

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