What Life’s Challenges And Struggles Are Actually Here For

Life is sometimes filled with struggle and doubt. There are obstacles along your way that keep you from getting where you want to go. There are stones along the way, that make the journey less easy. But for whatever reason you still go for your dreams. You have that shiny vision of yourself and you want to reach that, you want to become the best that you can become, you want to give as much as possible and be of service to others. You want to improve the lives of the people around you and help them make the best out of themselves as well.

Still, whatever you try to achieve in life, there WILL BE obstacles that hinder you from reaching it. Russell Simmons (multimillionaire and super successful entrepreneur with groundbreaking ventures just as Def Jam Records, Phat Farm and Def Comandy Jam) describes in his book Do You! that he sees obstacles as little tests from god for you. He wants to test you if you REALLY want to reach your goal, if you REALLY want to become that person. Nothing comes easy in life and this is his way of testing you if you have what it takes and do not give in so easily.

That is also the reason why you NEED to know why you do all this? Without some clear vision about why you do something, you will FOR SURE stop at the signs of the first troubles. Find your reason. Find your main reason for everything you do (or not do) in your life and nothing can stop you anymore, because your reason behind all your action is so strong and so stable and reinforced that all the rocks along your path are just tiny, little issues in comparison.

They are nothing once you know your purpose and have a good reason to do it. Always keep in mind, that whatever you want to achieve in life, however big your dream may be, there will ALWAYS be challenges EQUALLY in dimension to your dream. Big dreams generate big obstacles, but also equally big rewards and outcomes.

Do you think it is worth to pursue it and do whatever it takes or will you give in at the first sign of troubles and challenges?

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  • Absolutely, Mike! I am glad you found your way here so you could give me a chance to check out your website. You put some really nice quality content out there and the video about mentorship really resonated with me deeply, since I am also at the moment at a stage in my life, where I find myself doing stuff nobody around does, and realised myself that having some guidance by other people is so important! Have a good day!