Want More Than Others To Get More Than Others

A lot of people go through life without a vision for them. They have no plan and therefore struggle to stay on course. They do not see themselves clearly in the any future stage of their life. They don’t know what life will has┬áto offer for them and therefore they take what it throws at them for granted. But somehow they seem happy about it and do not even want more than that. Don’t let this be you!

What I would recommend you is having a clear vision of your life in mind, not an exact plan since life in itself is not predictable, but a general direction. Where do you want to be in 5 years from now they ask in job interviews. But they do not ask it to really know what you want to be like in 5 years, they want to know if you have a vision for your next 5 years? Do you plan ahead or not is far more important. Be a person who has a clear vision of your life and future. Be precise and clear. And each day visualise it in front of your eyes. Spend some time each day to invest in yourself and your future by simply “living” your vision in your mind. Feel like it would feel having everything you want out of live, everything you dream of. Focus on your emotions, they are your strongest companion on creating a striving force in your life. Do not only tell yourself what you want to achieve, feel like you would feel after achieving it and do it every day.

The average person does not do this and therefore lives his life passively. It is the reacting force. The person who is the cause of his actions has more power over his life than the person who responses to some external events. Be the one in charge and take control over your life. And the first step to do this, is focusing in your vision and work on getting just one step closer to it every day. Sooner or later you will live your wildest dreams!

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