13 Examples That Success Is Very “Quiet”

“People don’t understand they need to be poor for 1000 days. You’ll be doing worse than you were at your job for 1000 days after you start your muse business.”

This is how long it takes to be successful…

Overnight success is a myth.

All the people see when they watch a successful person is the result of all this effort and action; years of consequent execution, mental power, and determination.

  • They do not see all the struggle and learning experiences.
  • They do not see what he had to become to be able to keep up with the day-to-day challenges.
  • They do not see the obstacles that have been laid in this person’s path.

You will get praised in public for what you do in private. And the stuff you do in private and the person you become will be much more valuable than any approval from the outside world can ever be.

The Public Will Not See Your Private Success

Success is very quiet.

  1. Success in life is the quiet walk to the gym each day, although you seem to have no time for it. It is the time when you setup your alarm clock one hour earlier just to go for a run in the morning although it would be so much better to keep on sleeping in your warm bed.
  2. Success is the short period when you see others eating that sweet chocolate bar right in front of you, but you decide against it because you have made a decision to get in shape. It is the moment when you enjoy your salad while others eat burgers and fries.
  3. Success is the painful workout each day, that goes on for months without any significant and visible change for a long period of time. But yet you do it.
  4. Success is the courage that pushes you to become more than you currently think you can become.
  5. It is the feeling of knowing that fear will be your permanent companion on your journey. Wherever you go, it will always be there. You cannot hide.
  6. It is the drive to follow your vision although everybody around you might be against it or find it stupid.
  7. It is the delusional idea to follow your path blindly although external circumstances tell you that you are wrong. But yet you believe in what you do. It is the power to stay focused and mentally strong UNTIL the external world bends to your will too. And it will take much longer than you probably wish it to take.
  8. It is the annoying feeling of hitting roadblock after roadblock, and one obstacle after the other. It is the burden of making huge decisions and living with the consequences.
  9. It is the burden of being a leader.
  10. Success is the moment when you decide to change your life for the better. The short but important moment when you make a real decision and commit to it.
  11. Success is the feeling of finding yourself against the wall. It is the angry and powerful feeling of being fed up with less than you can be.
  12. It is the hidden wish to grow.
  13. It is the feeling of being permanently surrounded by the unknown and yet walking the path determinedly.

Success is very quiet…

PS: In one of my other articles I mentioned why you have to be poor for 1000 days in order to become successful… Make sure to check it out. It clarifies a LOT of stuff I didn’t know before!

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  • Peter

    People equate that success is equivalent to money and career. Which I don’t have as of now. But after reading this article, I know that I am very successful in life. In a discrete manner.

  • Thomas Mondel

    Hey Peter, my only goal in regards of success (and I feel like a lot of people share this with me) is to be happy. Every action you take which increases your happiness is therefore a big success by my definition! Make sure to check out this related article: http://thomasmondel.com/happiness-goal/. Thanks and all the best:)