The #1 Reason Why Inaction Kills Your Business

If you stop growing, you die.

This is valid for everything in life and on this planet. This is valid for your personal progress and also for your relationship with the people around you. If you don’t train your body, it will get weak. If you don’t take care of your health, you get ill. If you don’t take care of your business, it will crumble.

This is how life works.

In order to make something flourish and keep it that way, you have to put new energy into it every day.

That is also the reason why the illusion of the “instant success” or the idea of the lottery or any other quick fix method is so stupid.

You are depending on somebody to fix your life for you. It tells you that you only have to work on something once and then everything will be fine. “Just fix it for me now, and everything will be fine.”, “If I would have one million dollar everything would be so great!” or any other thoughts are therefore irrelevant and just plain stupid.


Everything you cannot sustain will leave you sooner or later. You cannot live life with the attitude that you have to fix something only once, because everything worth achieving is always connected to constant work and effort.

Successful people get it.

“Not-So-Successful” people often look at them, and tell themselves stupid things like “well, it was easy for them, because…”

They make excuses for themselves, because it justifies their non-action. But if they would look closely, they would realize that these high-achievers probably went through much more trouble than they could imagine. This is also the main reason why I suggest everybody to read a lot of autobiographies from famous people, it gives you a basic idea what it means to overcome REAL obstacles. It puts your “tiny” issues into perspective and it also allows you to dream bigger dreams, reach higher goals and have a much clearer vision about what you want out of life.

Whatever you do in your personal life, and whatever you want to achieve and get out of it, make yourself conscious that NOTHING comes easy in life. Everything worth getting requires a lot of effort, pain, persistence, courage and often blind trust in yourself and your vision.

Every action you undertake is better than non-action.

If you have to choose between, take some action and try a new approach, and taking some time off and research about it until you feel more confident about it, always decide for the immediate action.

If your first approach “fails”, analyse why it went wrong and try a different approach. But do not get stuck in the process over-analysing stuff, since it will lead to a quite passive and unhappy lifestyle. I can tell you that you will never be able to know everything in advance, with every new endeavour there will be uncertainties, but it is only the brave people who do it anyway.

Susan Jeffers also talks about this issue in her book Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway.

Also remember that when you think that nothing is working and whole hell is breaking loose, maybe you are just one millimeter off the right course.


Never stop moving forward.

Because stagnation is regression.

And everything which isn’t growing, dies…

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  • Colleen

    Your face is as positive as your mind! You spirit is so refreshing and you are sharing this to your readers so effectively! We are work in progress. We cannot bring back time that has been wasted looking up and thinking nothing. As I read this, I pictured in my mind a stagnated water,sooner or later it becomes polluted.

  • Thomas Mondel

    Thanks for your kind words! And thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this article!

  • TheSimpleHomemaker

    “Every action you undertake is better than non-action.”

    That’s SO true! Even if your actions are taking you in the wrong direction, you will soon learn that–blast it all–that was the wrong direction. But hey, now you know!

    Personally, I get stuck in the over-analyzing. I know, I know. Keep moving or die.

    I like your recommendation of reading autobiographies of famous people. I often tell my husband about Abraham Lincoln’s numerous failures before he succeeded. Of course, if he hadn’t succeeded at the presidential level, he would have lived longer, so…there’s that. ;)

    Seriously, thanks for a great article and a kick in the backside.

  • Thank you, Thomas, I needed that! That cartoon says it all. I tried super hard at a business for two years and never made a dime so it’s hard to get the gumption back up to try that hard again. I think I need to read some inspirational books. When do you know when you’re just trying to put a square peg into a round hole though?

  • Thomas Mondel

    Glad you liked it! Thanks for being around!

  • Thomas Mondel

    You are welcome! I am happy you got some value out of it!

  • Thomas Mondel

    I agree. It’s oftentimes really hard to see the difference between “persistence and pushing through it” and “running your head against the wall and getting nowhere”. Whenever I find myself in such a dilemma situation, I found it most helpful to take a step back and re-evaluate your situation. I used to take a day off, not doing anything. Or going for a short trip somewhere else to clear my mind again. This usually gives you the clarity you need to make an educated decisions.

    Thanks for you input and all the best to you!