Seeing The Bigger Picture

Whatever you set out to achieve in your life, whatever goal you want to reach, whatever journey you undertake, it will always take a lot of time and effort.

Since the first steps on your journey will be very small and the final destination might seem very distant, it is very easy to lose your destination out of sight along the way. There will be a lot of uncertainty and doubt and it might feel like driving on the highway in a foggy night.

When you catch yourself riddling with self-doubt and disbelief you always have to remind yourself on your purpose in life. Keep the big picture in mind!

You are not here to find yourself or the meaning in life. You are here to CREATE yourself and therefore fulfill your purpose. You have to become the strongest version of yourself. You have to set out the become the best that you can be. Not to prove something to anybody, but to make difference in the world.

Everybody is individual and unique and everybody can bring SOMETHING to the world. Everybody can give something to other people to make them a little happier or better.

Only by improving other people’s lives your life will get meaning. Your life will become better by making other people’s lives better.

And to do so, you have to go first. You have to go through all the challenges that show up in front of you, accept them and deal with them. Conquer your fears and insecurities, and pass on all your knowledge to others. Be a shining example for others. Model other people who have been successful in the area of your interest and see how they handled their issues along their journey.

Learn from them, model their success and sooner or later people will model you.

(Photo: Flickr)

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  • Michal Bromanski

    Oh mondelbär, you so inspiring

  • Thomas Mondel

    lol thanks bro:)

  • One thing this makes me think of is we’re always being watched so, if we want to be a role model, we need to live how we want to inspire others to live. Thanks, Thomas.

  • Thomas Mondel

    Thanks a lot Amy! Keep it up!