There Is No Reason Why You Are Not Good Enough

I always had the impression in my life, that I am filled with more self-doubt than others. I never felt good enough. Although I am putting in a lot of effort into becoming better just a tiny bit each day, I wondered how still a lot of other people around me seem so much more ahead of me. They make the impression on me that they know “everything” and because of their belief in themselves they seem so certain that it becomes hard for me to live up to that standard. Others seem more experienced, more skilled, more talented, healthier and more fun. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong and I couldn’t wrap my head around solving that issue for a long period of my life. I was beating myself down multiple times until I finally realized what really was causing the problem.

I found out that in the areas I doubted myself, I saw myself lacking the potential necessary to do what I had to do. Ironically this mindset hinders me in doing the actions which would have given me the potential in the near future. Why would you do something you “know” you are not capable of? So I take little to no action or I execute it poorly. This little (or poorly executed) action lead to equally poorly results. These lousy results enhanced my (false) doubt in myself I had in the first place and therefore also hindered me from uncovering my full potential. It was a vicious circle I couldn’t find a way out.

People who seem more confident about themselves are running a totally different game here. Their belief in themselves is enormous! Because of their belief in themselves, they already know what they are capable of (they know their potential) and how easily they can handle all the problems thrown at them. Because of their great belief in themselves they know their potential, which makes them take the right actions (or it makes themĀ endure longer than a person who is doubtful). Whatever the reason, but their well executed actions and their endurance makes them get better results and the better results again reinforce their belief in themselves. No wonder they seem to be so full of themselves, when everything they do, reinforces their self-image of themselves of them being awesome in what they do! = )

The trick is to get in a state of momentum for yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others since it will only slow down your progress. Whatever you try to do in your life and what you are struggling with, try to get yourself in such a “happy feedback loop”. Let the momentum of your actions and results drive you forward and sooner than later you find yourself being on the same level with the people you once compared yourself with.

PS: When you still doubt yourself about your true potential and the results you get, try to realize that “no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying” – Anthony Robbins.

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  • Linda

    The only person who can put you down is your own self! This is what I am always telling my twin sister. She has her own potential but she thinks she always fall short to our parents expectation because of me. Honestly, our situation somehow limits my own personal growth. I am still hoping that time will come she will realized her own potentials.

  • Thomas Mondel

    Yes this is still a huge topic for myself as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!