Real Happiness Is NOT What Society Tells You It Is

Real happiness in my experience is being the person you want to be. I guess that a lot of people become unhappy because they desperately try to get what more and more stuff, which they actually not even want. The problem is, that most of the people don’t know what they want. They THINK they want to have this, they THINK they want to be like that. But actually they don’t.

All they want to do is become happy. And society and the media bombards you with all the information about stuff, they tell you will make you happy. But how can something make you happy in any way or form when you actually don’t want it? Since everybody has different values for themselves, what means true happiness to you, maybe has not even any value for somebody else.

You have to find out for yourself first what really satisfies you. What is it that awakens the best version of yourself inside you? What is it that you would love to do (even if you don’t have to be forced to do it, like working a 9-5 job for money or anything like that).

I always tell myself: “If I have earned myself the freedom to do whatever I love to do, how would I spend my day without getting bored?” 

Bam. What this little question does is it forces you to think about how you would love to spend your time with. It makes you think about what drives you forward in life. It pushes you to find out more about yourself and how you wish to spend your days like.

I tried to answer it for myself and the first thing that came to my mind was “I want to travel the world!!”. But the more I thought about it I found that this is not the final destination. Ye, sure I would love to experience the world, meet new people and see different cultures! I am totally in for that. But it would not be my MAIN big thing, if you know what I mean. I still want to contribute to other people’s lives and share my experiences (like with this blog). I still want to help other people to live up to their greatest potential. I still want to grow myself and expand my own limitations. I still want to become a better version of myself. I want to grow. This is what excites me.

So, “how would you spend your day without getting bored”? 

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