Raising A Loser

Am I a loser?

I am curious because the world loves to make me feel that way.

They tell you that…

  • You are either not making enough money or you are too fixated on materialistic things anyways.
  • You are too lazy or working too hard.
  • You are not living as healthy as you should be or you are too strict with your dieting plan and should let yourself go from time to time.
  • You are too fat or too skinny.
  • You are not having as many friends as you should have or you are too addicted to external validation.
  • You are either too introverted or too extroverted.
  • You have no special talents and the few strengths you got “won’t pay the bills”. Or you have too many talents and that’s not fair either.

Either way it seems you can’t get it right.

Listen to that bullshit long enough and you will begin to start questioning yourself as well. Repeat it a couple more times and the most innocent child will start to believe that there is something wrong with him or her.

“Are they right about that?”

“Could it be…?”

The seed is planted…

And individuality is lost in an instant.

Eventually this little kid grows into an adult.

An adult who no longer questions his ideas and convictions because he was conditioned to do so.

An adult who no longer sees his uniqueness, but only the many things that make him stand out of the “ideal” picture.

An adult who no longer follows his heart by doing what he loves, but only seeks to fulfill all these weird expectations and responsibilities that were put onto him.

An adult who no longer is happy being himself, but feels sad and depressed about not being more like them.

What a loser.

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