Thomas Mondel

14 Lessons I Got From Larry King

I have no clue who Larry King is. Never heard of him. Up until I watched this interview by Lewis Howes though. "I feel like I don’t need to introduce today’s guest on The School of Greatness." That's what the first sentence on Lewis' blog post promoting the interview says. Well, this might be true for [...] Read More

26 Lessons I Learned As I Get Older

If I could travel back in time, I would punch myself in the face - on multiple occasions. I would also tell myself these key things I learned along the way. Here are some of my biggest "aha-moments": 1) You are NOT in a hurry Sleep less, and work more. [...] Read More

Being an Amateur

I always wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted to be a professional. “They” told me that this is what you are supposed to do. The longer I glimpsed into being a “professional” (whatever that means) the more I desired to go back to being an amateur again. We are [...] Read More

Sharing Little Gifts

“Let’s save a life today!” That’s what I say to myself when I start writing everyday. It puts some kind of importance onto my writing. Even if nobody is reading my blog and nobody is giving a crap about the stuff I put out there. It still feels good to [...] Read More

On Finding Yourself

I went on a five week Yoga retreat to “find myself”. Before that, I escaped my “known and common world” for another two months in order to finally “discover myself”. I solo traveled to exotic places and distant locations just to recover the next piece in the puzzle that is [...] Read More

Do NOT Fake It Till You Make It

When I was starting my app business I didn’t tell anyone about it. Not even my best friends. I kept it secret for over a year. I didn’t want them to ruin it for me, which I was sure they will. I thought they might come up with reasons why [...] Read More

The One Time I “Failed”

He probably thought I was nuts. There was one time, where I got a “2” on one minor, unimportant test in school. When I got it back from my old teacher, I ran home crying because I was devastated and thought I failed everyone (mostly myself). My brother thought I was [...] Read More


It feels like I am alone in a world of billions of people. I feel disconnected. Isolated. How is that even possible?! It’s like you live in a dull world where nobody really cares about anyone anymore. Everyone is living a dream. Not even realising they are asleep. WAKE UP! [...] Read More