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Sharing Little Gifts


Why did Elon Musk start a business although he knew it will possibly fail? Because it was important. He thought he was saving lives. Maybe nobody else could feel like this about electric cars. Maybe he was the only one thinking like that. But for him it means the world.

On Finding Yourself


I went on a five week Yoga retreat to “find myself”. Before that, I escaped my “known and common world” for another two months in order to finally “discover myself”. I solo traveled to exotic places and distant locations just to recover the next piece in the puzzle that is my life. “Just give me the next hint!” Sadly, all these efforts didn’t work out at all…

4 Questions for an Amazing Start into the New Year


At the end of every year I love to reflect on life for a while. Ironically this is also the time I hit my lowest lows. I am too harsh on myself. I think I achieved too little. That I could have done way more. And then beat myself up about it. But after a while I calm myself again. It's all good. Everything is fine. I have to remind myself that I do make progress. By asking better questions. Start...

Fear of Success – Are You Afraid to Go All Out?


And when you forget about "your mission" you are no longer in control. You are not running the day. The day is running you. You get weaker every minute. When you are no longer in control, that's when you invite resistance into your mind. And the fear of the unknown finally paralizes.

People Are Mean!


You start to gossip. And point out all the little things they DON'T have going in their life. And neglect all the other amazing things they have accomplished. Now you focus on all the bad parts of them. And you become a mean and shitty person.

Thomas Mondel Writer. Thinker. Blogger.