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The Creative Process

The creative process in a nutshell: This is awesome. This is tricky. This is shit. I am shit. This might be OK. This is awesome.

Raising A Loser

Repeat this bullshit long enough and the most innocent child will start to believe that there is something wrong with him or her.

People Hate You When You Change

What if you finally get over all your SHOULDs and MUSTs that made your life miserable for such a long time. What if you dropped the baggage for good now? What if you finally broke free?

Pushing People to Give Up

woman depressed giving up give up no hope

There was no sense in "pushing myself" to keep going. I was chasing a wild and unrealistic dream. And sometimes we have to be realistic instead and simply give up.

I Steal From Everyone

steal like an artist copy cheat white text on black background

Every great artist steals. They choose to do it because it's the fastest way to learn and become even greater. But when you are a shitty artist, you don't even have that option. You just steal out of desperation.