This Skill Can Be Learned in Only One Minute

This will only take one minute to learn (and a bit of practice every day to excel at it…).

Learn to NOT think for one minute!

Sit down and do this for one minute everyday to master it… and it will benefit you in multiple ways along your life (see the benefits below).


Most of the people have little to no control over their mind. And now they assume it just cannot be done. They are living so much in the past and in the future that they forget to focus on right now.

They become a victim of their thoughts. Instead of using their mind to help them. The mind now rules over them by telling them what they have to think, to do and what they have to focus on.

Instead of beating yourself up about things you DID before or worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future you could also just enjoy the moment.


Try to not think about anything for a minute. What happens?

After 5 seconds your typical thoughts might come rushing in again. Learn to accept them and let them pass. Try to expand the initial 5 second period into longer ones.

Soon you will might be able to extend the “thoughtless” period to one minute…

This skill will give you the following benefits:

– You will focus your attention where it HAS to be. Thus making you way more productive.
– You have control over any aspect of your life because you are the master of your thoughts and therefore your actions which come from it.
– It teaches you how to enjoy the present moment and will make you much happier with your current life situation.
– You also learns how to accept difficult and challenging life situations and make the best out of it.
– You will begin to focus your attention on solutions and practical action plans instead of focusing on draining anxiety, worry, and negative self-talk.
– You will note that with this little excersice every other task in life becomes way easier.

Sounds like a skill anybody could use for the rest of his life to me…

With just one minute a day.

(Photo: Flickr)

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