It’s Not Worth It To Work On Your Weaknesses

Everybody has some very unique talents and strengths, and everybody has also something you would call weaknesses. Society teaches you that you should work on everything and you should be able to do everything equally good, which I couldn’t agree less with. It starts in school where every child has to learn and work on every topic they teach regardless if it suits the kid or not. The current system does not allow specific development of unique skills. It tries to improve but it still fails at a big scale. It actually raises a generation of equally boring people.

Only when you find your strengths and work on them instead, you will shine. There is no sense in following math for four years when you are in fact into arts. Or why would you occupy your mind with music when you are actually into science? It just doesn’t make sense. When you really want to shine and become someone great in this world, you have to find and identify your true strengths and focus on them only. Let others do the stuff you are not so good at. There are a lot of people out there whose strengths cover these topics again. You can identify your best attributes and skills by watching your emotions. Your emotions are signals and therefore show you the way. Always.

Find something you like doing and watch your feelings. How does it feel doing what you love doing? Usually you should feel at ease. A soft kind of productive stress and flow. Time is running by because you feel good and aligned with your purpose. This is what it should be like. On the other hand, when you do something which you would consider your weakness, everything feels tough. Working doesn’t feel like fun. And everything is hard work. It is also the challenges that identify your true strengths. Whenever you face a challenge or obstacle in an area you would consider your weakness there is a lot of anger and pain. It just doesn’t feel right and nothing seems to work. You lose your vision on why you do it and you struggle to keep moving forward. Facing challenges in an area of your strengths on the other hand are fun! You love the thrill they give you. It puts you in an alert and high productive state. You love the challenge because you know it pushes you forward on the long run. You clearly see your vision and where it is leading you and you know that challenges are a part of this journey. Find your strengths and become special!

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