Indecision Stops You From Achieving What You Want

Being indecisive is like poison when it comes to making progress in life. There is nothing worse you can do when you try to get ahead.

Indecision basically stops you from going in any direction because you are stuck in between multiple options. When you are certain about something in your life, you know that you will either do it, or you will not do it. Either way you have made a decision (usually followed by some action). It is the stuff we are not quite sure about yet, the stuff where we don’t know where it might lead us, and if it is worth the trouble.

This is the stuff that keeps us stuck and ineffective. You are not giving your all, because there is still a huge amount of doubt in yourself, but yet, you also don’t free up your time by saying no and moving on. It is this middle-of-no-where-land that keeps you stuck where you are and consumes all your potential energy that could be used so much more effective.

When you get this and understand how much energy and also time you waste by not making clear decisions and being a person of authority (being a leader), and you will never go back.

When “tough” challenges and situations are being thrown at you, you just step up and handle them. This is what it means to be a leader of the people. You have to be someone who trusts his own judgement and expertise. You decide based on your best judgement and then you follow-up with some action.

You no longer fear the consequences because deep down you know you have decided with the best knowledge you had at this very moment.

And yet, if some new circumstances arise and you might find out that something different works better for you or your company, business, family, etc., you just change the processes based on that new understanding of the situation. You have to be flexible. When you cultivate such a behaviour nothing can bother you anymore.

Be like water, it says, and go with the flow and you will become at ease with yourself and your life.

If you have trouble with making decision, try to cultivate the basics into your daily routines: Whenever somebody asks you for what you want to do, tell them what you want.

Delete “I don’t know”s , and “I don’t care”s out of your vocabulary.

When somebody asks you for your opinion, give them your opinion. Start being decisive in the small things and sooner than later you will realize that it is just as easy with the bigger decisions in your life as it is with the smaller ones.

It is a mindset and once you have mastered it, nothing will be the same again.

No more indecision – things you say to avoid making a decision.

  • “I’ll look at it again tomorrow.” – Stagnation is not the key to solving your decision problems. You cannot put it off. Putting off your decision is a choice you make that will impact your happiness on a daily basis. When you don’t take action, you allow others to take control over your life and you might end up somewhere you don’t really want to be.
  • “You decide.” – Again you are giving your power away? (Are you seeing a pattern here?) Being indecisive is like being weak-minded. It takes some guts to make a proper decision.
  • “I don’t care.” – Oh, yes you do. You will care at least at the point when things turn out differently than you want them to be and you realize that it was you who could have changed something by just deciding what you want.

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