How To Quit Your Day Job and Create Your Freedom

A lot of people out there try to break out of their little cage. They are stuck in a boring 9-5 day job, which they have little to no interest in it. Yet they have to earn money to make it through the month and do the payments, so they feel like they cannot just quit it and do what they want. After work they feel exhausted and tired and there is no energy left to start something new. This post will give you a clear checklist on how you can break out of the system and generate more happiness and freedom in your life.

The first thing you have to do is change your mindset. When you hate your job and you feel like it is draining all the energy out of it, it probably will. Put acceptance towards your current life situation and educate yourself about the power of the current moment and learn about the ego when you find yourself having trouble with that. This is the first and most important step. Never resist anything, that is happening. Always be accepting. Only when you can accept your current life situation as it is, there is space in your mind to look for improvements. Only when you no longer resist your current life situation there is enough energy left in your mind and body to come up with new ideas and creative solutions for your day-to-day problems, because your mind no longer has to “fight” with enormous efforts against the current situation. Learn to accept your life situation and “see it as it is, but not worse than it is” as Anthony Robbins puts it in his book Awaken the Giant Within. When you have mastered the first step, there is high chance that you will actually “see it better than it is”. But this is only possible after first accepting the current situation, no longer resisting anything that is happening, and changing your mindset about your current life situation.

With that new-found energy level you will be able to change your life and steer it into new directions. Integrate daily meditation and exercise into your day routines and add their benefits to your life. With a calm mind and all the other benefits daily meditation gives you, you will see all the toxic pattern in your life. You will see clearly where you are wasting time, where you are not effective. When you have a calm and clear mind, watching TV for several hours in the evening is no longer an option, because you see how it pushes you into the unconsciousness and drains your energy. You get flooded with information and not really remember it anyways. Check for yourself and tell me the last TV commercial you saw? I am pretty sure you won’t remember.

Acceptance is the foundation. Non-Resistance is the key to change your life. Meditation gives you a clear life perspective and lets you see toxic behaviors and pattern in your life. Exercise will train your body which is equally important. Only with a strong body your mind can run at full potential, body and mind are interconnected. It is impossible to have a strong mind and be obese, just as it is impossible to work on your body and run a clean diet and not have a strong mind. Do you see how this works? These are the foundations. Acceptance, non-resistance, meditation and exercise are the first steps. Only when you master these you can think about creating some new business or make same major changes in your life.


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