How To Fight Your Fear So That It Never Returns Again

Fear is something that everybody has to face sometimes in their lives. Whenever you start something new, whenever you start a new career, a new project, whenever you enter unknown territory there is usually fear involved. It is natural. But it can be controlled. Whenever you are fearful you imagine the future outcome of your planned action to be worse than the outcome of your non-action. The only difference between a successful person and a not-so-successful person is that the successful people do not allow the fear to stop them, they just push through, because they know their reasons and they just have to do it. They just have to! After reading Susan Jeffers’ book Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway you just GET it how stupid it is to ever let fear stop you ever again and you just won’t allow this to happen to you anymore. You just accept the fear as part of the journey and you even see the upside of it. You get challenged by fearful endeavours. You seek them, you chase them. And finally you beat them. Your trust in yourself gets reinforced and the next challenge has even less chance of stopping you because you are in an upward spiral now that pushes you to the top in any area of your life.

Jack Canfield uses in his book The Success Principles the acronym Fear = Fantasized Experience Appearing Real and it fits quite well. You don’t know the future outcome of your actions. You can anticipate it, but you can never know it for sure. So every bad scenario you put in your head caused by fearful thoughts is therefore just an illusion, a mental projection of your own insecurity. You have to have trust in yourself and push through it.

Experiencing fear is often a result of your thoughts being focused on the future. Try to force your thoughts back into the present moment and fear will disappear and follow this article if you find yourself having trouble with that. Fear cannot survive in the present moment. When you are fully in the now, there is nothing to fear. There is only action. And you know exactly what you have to do. Having your thoughts being focused on the future and imagining all different kind of scenarios will only distract you and therefore slow down the process of the action itself. There is a difference between effective planning ahead and worrying about every little detail and therefore fail to execute the necessary step to reach the next level. This is also the reason why ALL successful people, are meditating in any way or form on a daily basis. It forces your mind into the present moment, eliminates all fearful thoughts and links you with your natural intuition again. Decision-making will become easier again and worries disappear.

Good luck!

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