How to Experience Abundance Now

Once you experienced even a tiny glimpse of total abundance it becomes extremely difficult to settle for less. You will become fanatically obsessed with finding ways to cram as many similar experiences as possible into your life as well.

“A mind once stretched cannot go back to it’s default state.”, it says and I agree because it is extremely hard to go back afterwards.

The experience of a brighter and more fulfilling way of living your life is now becoming your driving force to push through any obstacle you might encounter and it will literally pull you towards the new lifestyle.

You now deeply understand – because you experienced the difference first hand – what you are moving away from and where you are heading towards.

A short experience of abundance can fuel you for years to come. But the question is now: “Where do you get this initial “glimpse” in the first place when everything around you seems dark and hopeless?”

  • A) Books. Read as much uplifting literature as possible. Pick books written specifically about topics and aspects you want to integrate into your life. Don’t be afraid to spend money on this. Borrow books from friends if you have to.
  • B) Cut out the newspapers and clean out your Facebook feed. Newspaper sell drama. And it is within your control if you decide to “buy into it” or not. Tune into the right frequency instead and don’t let bullshit thoughts and opinions get into your mind. You have to protect your mind like you are trying to prevent people from feeding you toxic drugs. Because in the end it is what they do. It will keep you low.
  • C) Friends and family. Surround yourself with people whose lifestyle you would like to copy for yourself. Remember that in five years from now you will be the average of the five people you spend time with the most and the books you are reading. Choose carefully.
  • D) Think. Every day spend some undisturbed minutes with yourself. I like to meditate but sitting and just thinking is enough as well. Clearly picture your ideal lifestyle. Repeat until you believe it is within your reach. It might take a while to truly believe it’s possible but it’s worth your time. I dare you to face your own thoughts regularly and see where it might lead you.
  • E) Reach out to your heroes. It sounds harder than it is. Just look up people you admire and try to get closer to them. Volunteer for them if you have to. Offer your service to them. Send them an email and ask them a question. Make the commitment to be closer to the lifestyle you want for yourself.
  • F) Taste it. If your goal is too far out yet you can still ignite your motivation to reach it by tasting a glimpse of a similar experience. If you are into cars, test drive your favourite one right now. It’s free and will give you an unforgettable experience of what exactly it will be like to have achieved it for yourself already. If you like money ask someone who has it to show it to you and let you “taste it”. A friend of mine recently showed me her bank account statement. She had more money on it than I ever saw on any of my own accounts. Many years ago my mother once got a bigger payment for a project she was working on. She then let me hold 10.000 Euro in my hands. I never even saw that much money in real life. It’s not a big thing to do but for me it meant a lot.

Because it changes your perception on things.

And soon things change.

(Photo: Flickr)

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