How to Change the World


And I am still blown away by what I am capable of:

  • I have thoughts of scarcity and fear, and scarcity and fear enter my life.
  • I have thoughts of abundance and certainty on the other hand, and also abundance and certainty manifest into my life.

But why do so many people (including myself) then still choose scarcity over abundance? Why do I make it harder for myself than it needs to be? Why do I still focus on the wrong things? If I could also just do the opposite?

Why would you love to be poor when you could also be rich? In terms of health, wealth, love and happiness.

(A weird question. And an even weirder answer…)

Could it be true that we chose our own destiny? And create our own “little bubble” we call our life? I know a lot of self-help books out there claim this to be true. But is it?

  • Can you shape your destiny?
  • Can you change the world?
  • Or create a new one?
  • By simply thinking different thoughts?

I doubt it…

This would be delusional.

And even IF that would work, why does not everybody do it then?

Why would you CHOOSE to stay in a miserable life situation and NOT change it? When you obviously CAN? And “the universe just eagerly waits for your commands?” as these weird self-help books are trying to tell you all the time?

Another weird question.

And again the answer does not make me very happy.

Can YOU change the world by thinking better stuff?

Yes, you can. And no, you can’t. It’s both right and wrong.


You can change your thoughts. Which changes your words. Which changes your actions. And finally changes your circumstances. And therefore YOUR WORLD. And soon also the world of others.

Yes, you can change the world. But “better thoughts” take time to manifest themselves into the real world. The external world is “lagging” behind. It takes time. But still, time is all it takes.

And yet, the answer to this question is also “NO”. Because “life” happens. And some drastic circumstances force you into no longer being able to control your thoughts properly.

This happens when urgent matters are forcing you into handling them first. When unexpected “events” turn your world upside down. And you are drifting through the day lost and scattered. You have to take care of them first before you can even ATTEMPT to fix your “bad thought loops”.

What if you are distracted 24/7? By your own story. When your mind is going crazy and is overwhelmed by all the stimuli that is going on in your life. Or you don’t even realize you are having bad thoughts. Because they’ve become your “normal thoughts” already.

Then the answer is definitely “NO”.

And you remain stuck.

Everyone out there is going through hell. But by going through it we eventually come out “cleansed”. Or at least scared. Which might be the same thing.

We have gone through pain in order to reach bliss. And along the way we get wounded. Heal up again. And keep thriving. Stronger. Until we reach our destiny.

Whatever “destiny” may mean to you.

It doesn’t matter in the end.

(What DOES even matter?)

But do we REALLY have to go through hell before we can experience bliss?

Is pain and suffering really the price we have to pay for abundance and happiness? Is there always a sacrifice which needs to be made? Is there really always a trade-off?

Yes. And no.

(Again stupid questions with a stupid answer…)

Yes. You have to go through all that bullshit until you are finally fed up. And no longer tolerate it. Until you ascend above your current life situation and finally recognize the life underneath it. When you move beyond yourself and your petty problems and you finally see the unity. In everything. That is when the illusion ends. And also the pain and suffering resolves…

You might be confused and disappointed (german: “enttäuscht”) when the delusion (german: “Täuschung”) ends. But at least you are no longer deceived (german: “getäuscht”). 

(German is a funny language…)

And the answer is also “NO”. You don’t have to go through all that drama and bullshit. You could just wake up. Right in this moment. And skip ahead. You could evolve into a higher consciousness RIGHT NOW.

Nothing is preventing you.

Except yourself…

And your limiting beliefs. And your self-doubt. And your excessive thinking. And your old story, which you are still clinging to. And your ego. And your lies you tell yourself and others. And your current life situations, which is the sum of all your past thoughts and decisions. And your external influences, which are the mirror of your past actions. And your fear of the unknown.  And the uncertainty a rapid change into a different direction may bring with it. And a lot of other stupid stuff. Who knows what else…

All that nonsense is stopping you from just letting go. 

And then again, it’s not. So the answer to this question is yes and no. You could. But you won’t.

Well, unless you are me…

Because I am a FUCKING GOD! And I change my world to the better with the power of thought alone…





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