How Kids Pray

One night while baby-sitting, a grandfather passed his granddaughter’s room and overheard her repeating the alphabet in an oddly reverent fashion. “What on earth are you up to?” he asked. “I’m saying my prayers,” explained the little girl. “But I can’t think of exactly the right words tonight, so I’m just saying all the letters. God will put them together for me, because he knows what I’m thinking.”

– The Best of Bits and Pieces

PS: This is just a little, cute story out of Jack Canfield’s book The Aladdin Factor. Just finished reading it, and after roughly 260 pages of him hammering into my brain the importance and fundamentals of effective and useful “asking for what you want out of life to get it”, you certainly feel no excuse anymore for not going what you want out of life! Check it out if you like!

(Photo: Flickr)

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