High Quality Actions Lead To A High Quality Life

Your decisions determine the quality of your life. When you take poor quality actions in your life, your life sucks. When you take high quality actions in your life, your life flourishes. Sounds quite simple and actually it is. When you decide to watch your diet and exercise daily, major improvements of your body figure and your mind are inescapable. On the other hand if you let yourself run wild and don’t decide to actually undergo all this “effort”, you also see the consequences in the shape of your body and your quality in life.

This is valid for everything in life. Job, relationships, body, mind, etc.

Every area in your life you don’t control, will control you sooner or later. If you don’t spend enough quality time with your family, these relationships will not be as deep as they could be and your life situation will reflect this by – for example – them not calling you so often. The only reason why a lot of people fall in this trap of non-action, passively watching how their life dwindles down, is because life is actually lagging behind. The consequences of your action are often very delayed in time perspective and therefore you don’t see the direct effects of your action (or non-action).

When finally the results are presented to you, you cannot associate it to the correct action that lead you to this stage in your life and you start to blame other stuff. You are looking for mistakes and issues in the now (and mostly in others or in uncontrollable circumstances), because you don’t see the stuff you did over the last couple of years that clearly anymore. People don’t get fat over night. = ) They slowly get bigger and bigger and sooner or later they are in trouble. People don’t accumulate thousands of dollar of debts over night, they just get it by constantly spending more money then they have and not saving any of their earnings at all. It is not hard to be slim and fit. It just takes some small efforts EVERY day in your life.

Success In Life Is A Logical Consequence Of Constant Action

Spend 30 minutes of walking or any other exercise every day and cut down on sugared drinks and sweets and it is impossible to NOT be in shape. It is just a logical consequence of your constant action. The main problem here is just that people tend to want INSTANT results when it comes to improvement, but are quite OK with not-so-instant degradation of their life quality. They run at one day and don’t go back to it because they feel terrible afterwards and see no improvements at this very moment. Then they go back to their default routines, because they just don’t see anything that is worth the trouble. But if they would dedicate themselves for constant improvement in their lives (not only in exercises but in any area of their lives) results will come.

Pick the right mindset for yourself: Commit yourself to improve your life everyday for just a tiny bit, track every small improvement, be happy about it and don’t beat yourself up anything. Enjoy the process and sooner or later you will see great results.

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