You Have To Embrace Your Fear

Fear will always be present and if you think you might reach a stage in your life where you will never experience any anxiety or discomfort in whatever shape or form any more, I am very sorry to disappoint you!

Everybody has to face fear throughout his whole life. Some people struggle with it more than others but everybody has to face it to some degree. The only solution to totally avoid the feeling of fear is doing absolutely nothing in life.

Do not try anything. Do not step out of your house. Do not meet new people. Soon you will understand, that sitting at home playing World of Warcraft is the SINGLE best solution for living a life without fear. (Well. Only if you can handle the fact that somebody might hack your account and your whole “meaning of life” might be lost from one day to another. But if you can handle that, you are absolutely fine!)

The difference between so-called brave and courageous people and people who society would call “cowards” is, that the brave person does not get irritated by the presence of the fear. Only because you fear something, it does not mean that you cannot do anything against it. You might also want to check out Susan Jeffer’s book Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway.

These people understand that things CAN get done, even within the presence of uncertainty, fear and anxiety.

The one and only solution to defeating fear and “eliminating” it out of your life is taking massive and constant ACTION. Fear will disappear once you take some precise action. Take any action, however small the step may be and things will clear up. Fear arises in everybody of us, but action is the key to resolve it again.

Fear Is An Illusion

Realize that fear is a product of your mind. It is self-made. It is just a concept you made up because you are focusing your thoughts on the future. And in this future scenario you are seeing very uncomfortable consequences for yourself.

But the importance here is that it is just a creation. It is not sure, if this mental movie you play over and over in your mind will actually manifest anytime in the near future. You just cannot know that.

Additionally, we tend to image things way worse than they will actually work out in the end. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you really want to do.

Often we fear to do something and because of that exact presence of the fear we back off and go back to our default behaviour. Our own comfort zone. This is where we know exactly what will happen next and there are no uncertainties to expect. But staying in that comfort zone will never get you anywhere new.

“The sooner you step away from your comfort zone; the sooner you realize that it wasn’t all that comfortable.” – Eddie Harris Jr.

To change your life and improve it in for the long-term, you have to break out of your comfort zone. Do something new (like writing a blog hehe). And if you feel the fear arising, just do it anyways.

Always remember that however big the fear may be, the outcome and personal growth you gain by conquering and facing your fear will shape you into a better and stronger version of yourself and the results you gain are always worth the pain.

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