Express Yourself To Reach The Authenticity You Deserve

We all have been in situations where we try to change ourselves to impress others or don’t look bad in the eyes of people we value. I recommend you to drop that now for good and never care about what other people think about you ever again since this is the only way you can get ahead, become happier and in the end get to the ultimate fulfilment in your life!

But it’s easier said than done… I know that… (I have put together a simple 4-step checklist on how to become more real to yourself in 5 minutes or less…)

The main reason we actually try to change ourselves (or hide something or hold back) just to impress others is that we are scared. We believe that we are not enough and therefore we will be judged.

Because we don’t want to others to see our “weaknesses” we try to hide them.

We might therefore avoid an unwanted scenario where we appear poorly in front of others, but what it does in the long run is way worse and you should stop it now forever. Whenever you hold back on something you would like to say, just because you feel like others won’t like it, or when you try to change your opinion just to match someone of “higher value” you are basically fooling yourself. You disrespect your inner being and diminish your self-worth.

Don’t do this!

It is basically the ego that forces you to believe that you are not enough. By comparing yourself to others on a society-based value system (or even your inner ego-based value system?) you judge other human beings as more value than yourself.

You feel like their opinion has more worth than yours, which is a product of living a life in the grasps of the ego, but couldn’t be further from the truth! Whenever you express yourself to the fullest, you are the real you! Your inner child shines and everybody can sense it. You are speaking with certainty and power.

And you project yourself in a happy and light way, because everybody around you can sense and feel that this is YOU.

They love it. People are drawn towards authenticity. They love it because it became so rare in these days.

Be the exception to the rule and never hold back on anything you like doing or saying.

PS: Check out my simple 4-step checklist on how to become more real to yourself in 5 minutes or less…

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