Encouraging People to Give Up


That’s what they love to tell you.

But this advice sucks and it’s impractical too.

Because oftentimes giving up is the ONLY right choice.

There are times where it’s all about leaving this mess you created behind. Learning from your losses. And then applying this newly gained knowledge to your next project, moving on, never looking back.

Maybe even getting a little bit closer to where you really need to be.


Cut your Losses

What’s the purpose of pushing yourself to keep going when all your inner (and outer) warning signals yell “STOP” at you?

Why would you force yourself to stay in the nightmare?

We love to cling to something although we know it doesn’t serve us any more. We tell ourselves that it might eventually turn back to good.

“It will fix itself – with time, right?”

But oftentimes it doesn’t.

And now it’s time to cut your losses.

And move on.

But sadly most of the time we can’t because of our…

Emotional Investment

In poker it’s called being pot-committed.

You invested so much money, time and energy into “your hand” that it becomes impossible for you to let go. And you end up dumping even more shit into a losing situation.

We get so emotionally invested in our current situation, a false pride and the fear of losing our face that we eventually just keep going, making the situation worse and worse.

We hope that it SOMEHOW magically turns itself around.

But oftentimes it won’t.

And unless we get rid of our emotional investment, become practical again and just “give up”, we lose the chance of doing…

More Experiments

A lot of successful people failed at lot of other crap before they got to their fame. They failed at more different things than most of us are even willing to start. 

And if you would have walked up to one of these not-yet-famous people at the very start of their career, and told them to “just keep going and never give up!” they might have never found their way to the one thing that eventually made them big.

Because it’s all about…


And how we use it.

And oftentimes it’s better to stop dumping your most valuable resource into a losing hand.

And move on.

And just give up.

It’s no big deal.

Because as soon as you do, you are free to start something new

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