Don’t Try To Help Everybody, It Won’t Work

I always wanted to make a big difference in the world. I always was striving for doing something big and change a lot of people’s lives. But the more you go down this road and dedicate your time to improve the life of others to the better, the more you have to realize that you cannot help everybody. You always have good intentions and you can try your best to give them advice and really only wish the best for them without wanting something back in return, but in the end, it is just an advice. People have to decide for themselves what they do with their life, and that is probably the most beautiful thing in this world.

Nobody can tell you anything, you are totally free.

You have to take the responsibility for your actions, but you are unlimited in your possibilities. Nobody can tell you what to do and therefore you are the only person who has the power over your life (yet also the responsibility over your current and future life situation – not everybody likes that).

The good thing is nobody can force you into something; the “bad” thing is, you alone have to make something happen, if you want something to change. Otherwise you live a life in dependency of others, and therefore in their control and power. Do you want that?

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  • Rozsa

    Nice short article. It got me thinking. I also try to help/please other people a lot. I guess I have to step back again and focus on myself once more.

  • Thomas Mondel

    Cool! I am glad you got some value out of it!

  • Charizza

    Yes, it feels good to help the right person. I can relate to this
    article. I came to a point that I got tried of sharing myself, helping
    others and seeing them No improvements in their lives. It seems that I
    am just wasting my time dedicating myself of helping them but they are
    not helping themselves at all. I am not expecting anything in return but
    all I want is to see them succeed!