Don’t Let Doubt Stop You From Fulfilling Your Purpose

I found that as a human being you somehow always know what you have to do next.  You always know the solution to your problems. You always know what feels right and what feels wrong. There is this inner voice that tries to guide you along your way and all you have to do is listen to it.

But sometime we cannot hear it anymore because there is too much noise going on in our lives. The current generation of people is just too heavily influenced by the external simulation they are exposed to. Wherever you look, there are distractions that disconnect you from your inner core. They pull you away from your true self, hinder you from your mission and create a false ego in yourself. Don’t let this stop you and stay focused with your purpose in mind. Read on and find out how you can align yourself with your true mission in life and live purposefully and with passion.

Align Your Life With Your True Purpose

live with purpose

In order to live a happier life you have to align your actions with your inner purpose. And therefore you have to find out what you are meant to do in your given time. Don’t think about purpose in this “final end-game stage” like kinda thing. It is not about finally discovering your purpose in life and then everything is alright and good.

Find out and do what feels “right” to you. That is the reason why I emphasise daily meditation so much, because it connects you with your inner inspirational source and reconnects you with your inner core. (If you have troubles finding your purpose and following your intuition try reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now. Also, read my article on how this book literally changed my life, maybe it can help you too! =))

Once you know what you have to do, do not resist it and just do it. Take the smallest step that aligns you a little bit more with the kind of life you want to have. Do not let fear of failure stop you, instead learn that fear will always be there.

I come to a place where I believe that if there would be no fear of doing something, the action itself means nothing to you. If there is no fear, your soul has no opportunity to grow and learn. So the bigger the fear you experience in tackling something new, the more this is important for your current development and for your personal growth. 

(Famous actors for example like Will Smith often stated that they are driven by fear. That they have to attack what they fear the most, play the roles they are least comfortable with, do the thing they feel most insecure about. That is what they do, and then they do it!)

Your Ego Might Try To Stop You

Don’t get your ego involved and get all caught up in “why me” thoughts. Just see every challenge in life just as it is: an opportunity to grow and learn. A chance to gain the knowledge and the skills necessary to handle such situations and later being able to share this very knowledge with other people in order to help them dealing with their struggles too.

Yet, although all the people know what they have to do, and although they feel that immense fear of doing it (which indicates so clearly that this is something they need to do), a lot them will just do not do anything. It is just too much of a step for them to take. They are too weak to handle the kind of pressure the fear and uncertainty puts on them and they stagnate.

chose purpose not fear

They do not see the benefits this action can give them. They do not see the person they become once they overcome their fears. They do not see the purpose in exposing yourself to the pain. The fear that is holding them back is just bigger than the DESIRE to overcome it. They are not excited enough to see what is on the other side.

Don’t you want to find out?

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  • Patricia

    Don’t let fear blinds us to see the brighter side of life despite of all the cloud of challenges that cross our way. Don’t let ego crippled us to achieve our fullest potential in life. The greater the fear, the more eager we have to be!

  • Thomas Mondel

    I always felt that the bigger the resistance against doing something is inside you, the more you actually have to do it in order for you to grow! Thanks Patricia!