Are You Driven by Fear?

I believe it is this fear that can act as our best motivational drive. I believe that it is this fear that makes some people follow their passions so vividly.

Whenever we find ourselves in a place where we “know” we should do something, but yet don’t find our way to actually doing it, this is the stuff we should definitely do the most! The resistance and emotions we feel when we face such a scenario is acting as a basic guidance to the stuff we desire the most. And although we might desire all this stuff, there is this huge amount of emotional resistance that is holding us back. If we are not cautious enough, we might not break through this emotional barrier and stagnate into a life we are not meant to live.

Just as a little thought experiment think about the person you could become when you always follow your deepest desire. Image that no fear,  no obstacle, nothing, can stop you. What would you do? And furthermore: Do you think that your life situation would you improve when you act like this? Do you believe that when you do whatever it takes – without letting fear and insecurity stop you – you can improve your life situation to the better and live a happier life?

Are you driven by fear? – Do what you are afraid of every day!

Here is the difference. Some people get paralyzed by this fear and doubt. The initial resistance they feel by doing something new or challenging stops them. Some people on the other hand are driven by this exact same fear. They are more scared of what they miss out and how their life goes to waste when they don’t follow their passion and follow through on their tasks, than the actual fear of the necessary action itself. They are afraid of the person they could become by their non-action.

do what you are afraid of

And the most ironic aspect of all this is, that the stuff we are most afraid of and we face the biggest amount of resistance doing it, is actually the stuff that in the end when we have finally done it, brings us the most joy and happiness in life.

The question now is: Are you more afraid of the consequences of your actions, or by the consequences of your non-action?

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  • You are great at writing about intangible subjects with clarity and a strong voice.

  • Wow, thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like it! =)