Allow Yourself To Waste Time

Weekend is here and this is the perfect time for this blog’s topic:

Allow yourself to waste some time!

Life is not about this stupid rush from A to B, it is primaly meant to be enjoyed. Of course this stands in contrast with the concept of getting ahead in life, achieving your goals, working hard and living your dreams. On the one hand you want to get something done, on the other hand you want to enjoy the time given to you. So now what?

Well, Life Is About Balance! (I Know, I Know… Big Surprise)

I encourage you to work your butt off during the week, but you also have to allow yourself a time out. Give yourself the permission to waste some time (on the weekends or during the week) by doing something you enjoy the most (which makes the time not being wasted at all, get it?)

But when you spend some time off work, REALLY use it to relax. Do not dwell in the past by keeping your thoughts with the work. Enjoy every moment of it. Stay in the present moment!

Remember to make the time you do have for relaxation count! The attitude you have should be “it better be good!”

Ask yourself:

  • Did I laugh?
  • Did I have fun?
  • Did I enjoy it?
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