How To Become Your Own Mentor

It is weird that it is very easy for us to judge other people’s situations and have the perfect solutions for them, but we can’t do this for ourselves sometimes. Or maybe this is just me, I don’t know. =)

Of course there are times where I know exactly what I have to do and I take constant action to resolve that issue, but sometimes I am just blind, ignorant or both. I struggle with some “real big issue” as far as it goes to my judgement and I just can’t seem to get around it. Everybody who tries to give me some advice is just somebody “who has no clue about my REAL problems here and how tough it is”. I don’t know where to start and I don’t know how I should handle it. It seems to much.

That is when I tried to do the following.

What To Do When You Are Clueless

Over the years I have at least learned to identify this issue and make myself conscious about it. And I also found, that knowing the problem is the first step to resolving it! = ) I then realize that I am being stuck in a paralyzed, passive and definitely not helpful state and I have to get out of it. I wanted some advice, some clear instructions, but somehow, I couldn’t find it. “Gimme an action plan on how to tackle that situation and I’ll follow it through!” That was always my attitude. But oftentimes, I just had no clue about what to do next in my very situation at hand.

What I usually did then was trying to find help in books. Because there was nobody around facing the same challenges and struggles (I thought), I had to find SOMETHING. Seek and you shall find it says, and somehow this always works for me too. So I found books. And I found them VERY helpful. A book is like a super-compressed database of the most fundamental knowledge of a whole person’s life! I always grabbed the right book, which was perfect for that very moment (mostly some autobiography of some famous and successful person, someone I could look up to, somebody I thought might have gone through the same life experience I found myself right now in). Sometimes I even randomly grab a book from my library and re-read it. I believe that every time you read a book, you read it from a different perspective, because YOU are different.

It tells different stories depending on at which stage you are in your life. Often it was just a little sentence that clicked for me and everything from that moment on made sense. Reach out for help by letting books advice you in your current life situation!

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