I’m just a guy who reads a lot and then tries to apply all that stuff to his current life situation to see if it works (or not). My biggest “aha”-moments and the realizations that come from it then make it into my next blog post. And also, you shouldn’t take ANYTHING I say seriously. The goal is to make you think for yourself. And be a little bit more skeptical about the things that run through your mind.

But to answer your question: my name is Thomas Mondel. I’m 30 years old and I live in beautiful Vienna, Austria. I have a Master’s degree in Game Development and Simulation and worked as a game developer for a couple of years making computer games for a living (every little nerd’s dream, right?). Now I am focusing more and more on writing.

Why do you write about all that stuff?

I write first and foremost for myself. When I put my thoughts into words it helps me to see it from a different perspective, and oftentimes this is everything I need to overcome an obstacle I am currently facing in my life. The blog is everything I care about, and everything I care about also eventually makes it on the blog.

When I first started out this was just an outlet to express some of my ideas and thoughts keep them there as some form of log or journal. Over time I found myself more and more enjoying the process of creative writing and I just kept going (I also got pretty good at it, with one of my articles being shared over 40000 times). As my readership grew I realized that more and more people are facing similar issues. And when I get emails from random people all over the world saying something like “OMG, I felt like that was literally straight from my mind…” I know that I hit the nail with something and I try to investigate and understand it even further.

Why don’t you write a book?

Glad you asked, I just wrote one!


FIND YOUR WAY is a book about what it takes to break out of social conditioning and find meaning and fulfilment by making it big in your own unique way.

This is a “simple” goal, but we all think differently about what it means to “walk our own path”. To find our individual way of doing things, we first have to push our ego aside, and do what feels right, instead of what is considered right by the people around us. We have to express gratitude towards the things we already have, while creating the things that are still missing and learn to turn adversity into an unfair advantage.

FIND YOUR WAY guides you
through this long and often
confusing process.

How would you summarize your philosophy?

Everything I do, I do to get my life a little bit closer to my ideal version of a “good life”. And I came to believe that EVERYONE shares this desire with me. For years I was sacrificing my health and well-being for a brighter future because I was told that this is what it takes to make it big. Now, as I grow older (and a little less stupid), I realize that giving up sleep to become successful isn’t really worth it (for me). Now I have very simple goals:

  • A) I want to be happy (whatever that means at any given point in my life – because these things tend to change a lot too)
  • B) I want to eliminate drama out of my life and
  • C) I want to make each day run as smoothly, no struggles.

Yes, these are very simple goals. But making them come true is a daily challenge, a daily grind. Every day I have to deploy self-awareness towards my current life situation. I constantly ask myself if what I do right now is really what I enjoy doing. Today, I am lucky enough, that most of the times I can say YES to that question. But sometimes I have to say NO to it for a little too many days in a row, and then I know it’s time to change things up again.

Sometimes I don’t know what is missing right now, and that sucks. Because more than often we don’t know what we want and all we have is this gut feeling that something is “not quite right”. Finding an answer to the question of “What’s missing? I got everything, why am I not happy?” is a challenge to itself. But sometimes I do know exactly what I need to do, and yet I remain stuck right where I am. Understanding why this weird bullshit happens is a completely different issue, but not less annoying.

Getting a tiny bit closer to better answers to both of these questions is what I focus on right now and what excites me.

What is this “Good life” you talk about?

We all want different things. And that’s the key point here. Just because “society” tells you that becoming a lawyer will make you successful, or you need a great education to get a good job in order to make it big, doesn’t mean that you will also feel successful. Just because your mother wants you to marry that “one girl who is just right for you“, or your father wants you to step into family business to keep the tradition alive, or your best friend tries to convince you that the one passion you have is “complete bullshit and will never work out and you should look for a real job”, doesn’t mean that any of these options is really good for you.

Living the good life as I talk about it boils down to knowing yourself and ignoring all these other opinions that someone has put into your mind through years of social conditioning, upbringing and peer pressure. Most of the times when you do something in order to please other people and maybe get their approval, what ends up happening is that they’ll hate you nonetheless and you’ll feel miserable as fuck. So instead of pleasing others, I feel like the “good life” comes from doing what you enjoy doing and reduce the fucks you give about all the other bullshit that is happening around you and all the other crappy opinions other people have about you, because they “just want what is good for you”.

How often to you post new articles?

I write every day, but publish new blog posts “every-day”-ish. Even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes, there is a lot of time, research and effort going into writing my blog posts and all of these things take up quite some time. Most realistically there won’t be more than three new blog posts a week.

How can i get notified about new articles?

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Where can I find your best WORK?

If you want to read my best articles in terms of shares, likes, comments etc. you should head over here. There you’ll find a list of the “greatest hits”, which gets automatically updated on the fly.

If you just want to browse the full archive of what I have written so far click this link.

Why did you start this site?

I always loved writing down and sharing my thoughts. I kept a journal for as long as I can remember. But in 2013 I decided to put my thoughts out there into the world. Back then I imagined if I find a couple of people who share my ideas and thoughts that this could be a fun thing to do in my spare time. Now with over 20000 monthly readers and a rapidly growing audience it became so much more than I pictured it in the first place. But the most important thing is that I still enjoy writing as much as I did when I was first starting out.

Do you have a real job too?

I am currently self-employed and work with people and local businesses helping them with everything from online marketing, social media management and growth hacking to software development in both the web and mobile app space, website design, writing gigs like copywriting and content marketing or freelance writing.

Wanna do business with me? If you need help in any of these areas I am looking forward to work with you. Contact me!

I LOVE/HATE YOU, WHERE Can I email you?

Head over to the contact page or just reply to any email from my newsletter. I read all of them and try to reply to as many of them as possible. Also, commenting and sharing YOUR thoughts on my blog posts here on the site in the comment sections below really helps a lot as well. I am looking forward to hear from you.

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  • Thomas Purtzer

    How do you make your money to live your life of happiness?? You really don’t disclose much here; should I look elsewhere?

  • Thomas Mondel

    I work with people and local businesses who need help in areas that fit my personal expertise, experience and interest and which I can offer my services to them in. Which would be everything from online marketing, social media management and growth hacking, software development in both the web and mobile app space, website design, writing gigs like copywriting and content marketing or freelance writing and of course consulting in any of these areas. Have a great day!

  • Thomas Mondel

    Both. First, aim for the general direction of whatever “good life” means to you. And then let go of the control again. Every once in a while check if you are still on track and auto-correct if you need to.