How 7 Minutes Turned Around My Perspective On Success

Some days ago I was writing a post (4 Things That Are More Important Than Settings Goals) about how important and crucial it is to change the stuff you put into your mind. It allows you to make these great mindset shifts you need in order to re-program and re-wire your brain to change your future.

Now I was taking the whole thing a step further and bombarded my brain with the endless of motivational videos on YouTube out there. I watched literally all of them. I was putting on my headphones at work and listened to that stuff for whole days on repeat. I listened to it while on public transportation reading the new books I have ordered. I listened to these motivational videos for nearly 4 hours straight while working out and running 34km yesterdayI literally overdosed my brain with that kind of stuff. 

I even went so far and set the video below as my new alarm sound! (crazy isn’t it?)

Motivational Video

This video always gives me goosebumps and so often offers me the extra push to go just ONE step further towards my dreams. What do you think about? Let me know in the comments below!

(Photo: Flickr)

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  • Red

    I agree with you. It it better to feed our brain with this motivational video than to watch uncensored TV programs full of senseless topic, depressing news and time wasting series. It is better to ignite my drive for passion and success with this motivational video than to beat the highest scorer in my floppy bird app. It’s really a matter of choice.

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